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Market America Shopping Portal Review

By Dawn Allcot / May 2, 2011


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Verdict: Market America combines a real passive income opportunity with a way to earn cash back shopping online. Unlike cash back credit card rewards program, no credit history is required and you don’t have to pay with a specific form of payment. Through partnership programs with 4,500 companies, including well-known ecommerce sites like,, and, MA offers between 2 % and 55% cash back from popular stores. You can earn even more by recruiting friends and family to shop through MA to earn cash back, too.

Overview: Market America has been a name in shopping since the company’s formation in 1992. Based out of Greensboro, NC, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. Often covered in critical reviews and compared to MLM schemes, the Market America program is actually a shopping portal and business opportunity that has attracted many people interested in not only earning cashback on their online purchases, but a real income.

The company markets its own products, including the Motives line of cosmetics and a full-line of health and wellness products, along with permitting visitors to earn cash back shopping through 4,500 partners.

How this site works: This website is not just a shopping portal. While you certainly can use Market America just for the cashback incentives, to fully experience the site you’ll want to combine several things. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Shop
  • Use your cashback credit card
  • Recruit others to join Market America
  • Encourage those people to shop and recruit

You earn a percentage and receive payment for your purchases. Additionally, every purchase made by someone you have recruited into the site also earns you a percentage of their purchases. In a nutshell, this shopping portal is not just a shopping portal, but a business opportunity.

You can find some of the best cash back opportunities by clicking “Best Deals,” the Internet equivalent of browsing through Sunday newspaper circulars just to see what’s on sale, even if you’re not shopping for something specific.

When you search the portal for products, you can sort by relevance, price, (low to high / high to low), or best cash back bonuses, which is a nice added feature.

In most cases, you pay from the partner website, but a number of MA partners provide an EZCart option, where you can pay directly through the secure MA website. You can pay for products from multiple EZCart partners all in one shopping cart with one payment to MA.

Is This An Affiliate Program?

It is possible to consider Market America an affiliate program, although you recruit people through invitation emails, not affiliate links, and there’s nothing to manage or monitor. Market America allows you to “sell” products and services without actually selling anything except an easier alternative to surfing for online shopping deals.

While it’s possible to build an impressive income stream, you can just as easily use MA for your own purchases and earn between 2 and 55 % back. In this way, it’s similar to a credit card cashback rewards program, but with no credit history or minimum FICO credit score required. If you combine your MA shopping with a cash back rewards card, you can earn an additional 1 % back.

Sure, this means there’s one more website to check for the best deal before a purchase, but those who focus on saving money by shopping around for the best cash back rewards are accustomed to this. You can also use your cash back debit or credit rewards card in conjunction with MA to get an additional 1% cash back on most purchases, “stacking” your money-making opportunities.


  • Earn between 2 and 55% cash back every time you shop through MA.
  • “Stack” your cash back opportunities by also using a cash back rewards credit or debit card
  • Earn more (0.5 % on each purchase) by recruiting family and friends to shop through MA
  • Build your own business for passive income with MA
  • EZCart option makes the potential for one-stop shopping for everything a possibility
  • Buy proprietary MA products and brands you can’t find anywhere else


  • The public perception of MA as a multi-level marketing scheme or “get-rich-quick” venture might create challenges when recruiting family and friends
  • If you frequently use several different cash back credit card shopping portals, MA is one more website on your list to compare prices and cash back percentages, adding more time to the online shopping experience
  • No affiliate links means you must recruit family and friends via email only
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