Is It Safe To Use A Debit Card Online

Is It Safe To Use A Debit Card Online?

One of the most common questions users ask us at Credit Shout, “is it safe to use my debit card online?”That’s a great question.In this article, we’re going to be discussing how to stay safe online while using your debit card.

Online security has come a long way over the last 10 years.Even so, there’s a lot of ways you can make it a lot more difficult for thieves to get your debit card number.

Beware Where You’re Using Your Debit Card

Rule number 1, be aware of where you’re using your debit card.If you’re not familiar with the brand, proceed with caution.

Big brands like Amazon and Wal-Mart, many people are quite familiar with them and know they are legit companies.However, you still need to be careful when you’re buying from a brand you don’t know.

Make Sure The Website Is Secure And Encrypted

Next, you want to make sure the online website is secured and encrypted.

There’s a few easy ways to find out if a site is secured.

  • The URL address should have https and not http
  • You should see a lock icon that is secure in the URL bar

While these are certainly important to have, just because they do have it doesn’t mean you should ignore who the company is.

Don’t Shop Online With Hotspots

Don’t Shop Online With Hotspots

While WiFi can be secure at home, don’t go shopping on outside WiFi, also Hotspots.There could be scammers hacking those connections and you can easily get your debit card numbers and private information stolen.

Coffee shops are not the only areas where you have to worry.While some of these may have better security, it’s wise to stay away from them all.

Never Send Your Debit Card Via Email

Every real business that sells products or services online uses a secure online process to do just that.All online purchases should be made through a secure online form or page as we discussed just above.

No company worth doing business with will ever request your credit card in an email, but scammers often do.

Even when an email looks like it comes from a source you trust, check the email address it comes from and avoid clicking directly on any links provided in the email.

Always Monitor Your Accounts

Always Monitor Your Accounts

At the very least, you should be monitoring your debit and credit cards closely.Check to see if your credit card company or bank has a mobile app.

Many credit card issuers also have a secure online portal where you can safely access your credit card account.Most banks have online portals or apps that are free to sign up to, so take advantage of that and create an account so you can monitor your debit card.

While we’re referring to debit cards, you want to do the same for your credit cards also.

If you’re paying close attention to your accounts, you can spot issues as soon as they happen.Many of these are free to sign up for, they shouldn’t cost you any additional money to monitor your accounts.

Never Give Your Information Out

It can be tempting to give a close friend your account information in their time of need or a family member you trust.

Also, you never want to write down your account information on anything.Next thing you know, someone finds out what you wrote and they now have your debit card information.

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