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Important: Chase Checking Benefits for Liquid and Freedom Cardholders

By Christine Layton / September 17, 2012


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As a cardholder of a Chase Liquid prepaid card or Freedom credit card, you get access to a range of Chase checking benefits, including zero liability protection and online bill pay.

If you have the Freedom credit card and a checking account through Chase, you can also receive 10% more rewards using your card. Here’s a look at all of the checking benefits you can enjoy with the Freedom or Liquid cards from Chase.

10% More Rewards with the Chase Freedom Credit Card

If you have both a Chase checking account and Chase Freedom card, you’ll earn 10% extra points on purchases and 10 bonus points on every purchase. How does it work? You get 1 base point for ever $1 in net purchases and an extra 1 point per $1 of eligible airfair purchases made online through their program.

If you have a Chase checking account, you also get an extra bonus point for every $10 in purchases and an additional 10 points for every individual purchase. There is absolutely no limit to the points you earn in this program, even when you earn points for having a Chase checking account, although there may be a maximum on the bonus and promotional points. This is a great deal and definitely doesn’t get enough attention. You can qualify if you are the primary cardholder on a Freedom card and either the sole or joint owner of a Chase checking account.

Chase Checking Benefits with Liquid

Did you know the Liquid prepaid card offers most of the same benefits you enjoy with a traditional checking account through Chase? The card is designed as an alternative to a traditional checking account and works in the same way. Your Liquid card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and refilled at any Chase ATM or branch. You can also withdraw funds for free using any Chase ATM. Here are the checking benefits that come with your Liquid card:

  • Free online bill pay – Need to pay an electric bill or a plumber? You get access to the same online bill pay you would use with a Chase checking account.
  • Free online banking – Access your account information, check your balance and view pending transactions online.
  • Mobile banking – Use the Chase mobile app to pay bills, check your balance, make transfers and even deposit checks.
  • Low monthly fee – The monthly fee of $4.95 for the Liquid card is lower than the national average for checking accounts, plus there are no fees to open your card, make a deposit, make a withdrawal, perform a funds transfer, check your balance or overdrafts.
  • Account alerts – Enjoy the same alerts as you would with a Chase checking account, including low balance alerts by text or email and online or paper statements.
  • Free ATM access – Access nearly 11,000 Chase ATM for free to make withdrawals, deposits and check your balance. You’ll be charged a $2 fee if you use a non-Chase ATM.
  • Zero liability – You are protected against any unauthorized transactions on your card if you notice Chase quickly. You are also guaranteed reimbursement for unauthorized withdrawals and purchases with the money deposited back into your Liquid account by the end of the next day. This benefit sets Liquid apart from other prepaid cards.
  • FDIC Insured – Your money is FDIC insured, just as with a traditional checking account.
Take Advantage of These Benefits!

The Freedom and Liquid products from Chase are very different, although both are designed to be as beneficial as possible to Chase customers.

The Liquid card is created to be a transparent and affordable alternative to a traditional checking account with all of the benefits you’d enjoy with Chase checking, while Freedom cardholders are rewarded even more when they open a Chase checking account as well. If you have either card, make sure you take advantage of all of these great benefits, especially the bonus rewards available with the Freedom card.

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