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Hyatt Gold Passport Review

By Dan Rafter / February 3, 2011


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With the Hyatt Rewards Credit Card from Chase, you can earn either points that give you free stays at Hyatt hotels across the globe or miles that let you book free flights with a wide variety of major airlines. It’s all part of the Hyatt hotel chain’s Gold Passport program.

This program, which is similar to an airline’s frequent-flyer program, rewards those guests who book regular stays at Hyatt hotels. You can earn Hyatt Gold Passport points in a number of ways: by staying at Hyatt hotels, by making purchases with the Hyatt Rewards Credit Card or by renting a car at a participating car-rental service.

Redeeming these points and signing up for the program are relatively simple tasks. If you are a frequent guest at Hyatt hotels, this program might provide you with some valuable rewards at a quick rate.

Signing Up: To sign up for the Hyat Gold Passport program, log onto the program’s online enrollment form. You’ll have to provide some basic information to complete the form: your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. You’ll also have to create a password and username that will allow you to access your Gold Passport account. Joining is free, and shouldn’t take much longer than 10 minutes.

Earning Rewards Points: You can earn rewards points in several ways. You’ll earn five points for every dollar that you spend at Hyatt locations. That’s for the program’s Gold Membership level. After you rack up at least five eligible stays or 15 eligible nights at Hyatt locations, though, you’ll be boosted to the program’s Platinum level. At this level, you’ll earn a 15-percent point bonus on each stay. After you’ve completed more than 25 eligible stays or 50 eligible nights, you’ll be at the program’s Diamond level. At this level, you’ll earn a 30-percent points bonus on each stay.

If you use your Hyatt credit card, you’ll earn three additional rewards points for every dollar that you charge at Hyatt properties. You’ll earn one Hyatt Gold Passport point for every dollar that you charge for all other purchases. There are no limits to the number of points that you can earn. Be warned, though: This credit card is not free to own. You’ll have to pay an annual fee of $75 to use it.

You can also earn points by renting cars at participating car-rental agencies.

Converting Points to Miles: The Hyatt Gold Passport program also offers you the chance to turn your passport points into free airline miles. You can use these miles to earn free flights on a wide array of airlines flying both domestically and to other countries.

Redeeming Points: You can redeem your points for free hotel stays, free airline miles or to pay for car rentals. If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate your points to a worthy cause, the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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