How To Withdraw Money From Checking Account Without Debit Card

How To Withdraw Money From Checking Account Without Debit Card

How To Withdraw Money from a Checking Account Without a Debit Card? Withdrawing money from your checking account is easy, right? After setting a checking account, most banks issue a debit card that their customers can use to access the funds in their checking accounts when making purchases or withdrawing money from an ATM. 

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If you make a $100 purchase, $100 is taken out of your checking account. Simple, easy and straightforward.

If you have your debit card, you can withdraw money from your account, but
if you don’t have your debit card? Could you still get money out of your checking account? 

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How To Withdraw Money Without a Debit Card

If you’re the owner of the checking account that the debit card is associated with, there’re a few different ways you can withdraw money with a debit card.

(1) Withdrawal Slip

If you know your checking account number and have an ID to verify your identity, you can fill out a withdrawal slip at your bank and take it to the teller. A withdrawal slip is easy to fill out and usually asks for;

  • Date
  • Your name
  • Your account number
  • Amount you want to withdraw

If you have everything you need and the money you’re requesting is in the account, you should be able to withdraw the funds without an issue.

(2) Cashing A Check (At Your Bank)

Since you have a checking account, you should have checks to your account too. If you do have a check, just fill out the check, take it in the bank to the teller and have it cashed.

In the “Pay To” field, write “Cash.”  You’ll also need to fill out the date, amount as well as the signature. Once you’ve done that, take it to your local bank branch and get it cashed.

(3) Cashing A Check (Outside of Your Bank)

Many of us have been in a scenario where we needed a check cashed, but if your bank is closed, you may be wondering where else could you cash your check. Since it’s a personal checking account, you may have a lot of trouble getting it cashed versus having a check from an employer. You can rely on your local stores, such as a gas station or grocery store, to get a check cashed.  It’s not uncommon for local stores to set limits on the amount you can get cashed, so we recommend only cashing checks at these spots for amounts lower than $50. Always check with your local store to what their limit is on cashed checks to make sure this option can work for you.

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(4) Tell Your Bank You Want to Withdraw Cash

If you don’t have a debit card or a withdrawal slip, don’t worry, you can still visit your local bank and explain to teller that you need to withdraw some money. If you have your ID and know your account information, they’ll fill out a slip for you.

(5) Savings Account

If you have a savings account, you can also access the money in that account without a debit card. Savings accounts are usually associated with a debit card; however, even if you don’t have a debit card, you can withdraw money from your savings account at your local bank. Like your checking account, all you need is your account information and an ID, to access the funds in your savings account.

If you have your savings account on a mobile app or online, there could be other ways you can get your money.

(6) Cardless ATMHow To Withdraw Money from a Checking Account Without a Debit Card

Some banks provide emergency ATM access to members who have lost their ATM card or have had their card stolen. In this case, a customer representative will give you a code that will allow you to access your money.

(7) Mobile Banking

Another option you have is mobile banking. Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, as well as many other banks and credit unions have mobile banking options. This gives you the ability to access your money with your mobile phone. Rather than having a PIN, you scan a code to withdraw funds from your account. If your bank offers a mobile app, simply  download their mobile apps to get access.

Losing Your Debit Card How To Withdraw Money from a Checking Account Without a Debit Card

Losing your debit card can sometimes happen, and it’s never fun when it does. Should you lose your debit card, here’s what you must do immediately.

  • Call and report your debit card lost or stolen
  • Order a replacement debit card

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Once you call the bank and report your card lost, your account will be secured just in case someone has your card and tries to use it. You’ll then be issued a replacement card within 7-10 business days.

If you’ve recently lost your credit card or debit card, even an ATM card, report it as soon as possible. Delays can result in an unscrupulous individual having access to your account and money withdrawals from your account that you didn’t authorize.

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