How to Use Your Credit Card to Get Free Netflix

As movie prices continue to rise and the economy continues to falter, more people are choosing to stay home and watch movies instead of going out to a theater. Fortunately, companies like Netflix make it easy to save money and bring date night home.
Netflix is an affordable solution that lets you rent as many DVDs as you’d like through the mail for a monthly subscription fee, or stream movies and made-for-TV series’ directly to your computer or your internet-ready (or Netflix-ready) HDTV. You can also connect your Wii, Xbox, or PlayStation to your TV and use it to stream Netflix shows and movies.

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Credit card users get additional savings, with Chase, Citi and Bank of America all offering rewards to give new Netflix users points or cash back for joining. To get the credit, you must join Netflix by signing up through your credit card company’s website.
Netflix is already offering a “first-month-free” trial subscription, worth $7.99 a month to stream unlimited movies and TV shows on your computer. For an extra $2, you can rent as many DVDs as you’d like through the mail. Considering most movie tickets go for about $12 each, this is a great deal.
The Netflix website says that this free month trial is not to be combined with other offers, but when you go through your credit card company’s website, you’re not actually combining free offers but you are getting what amounts to two or three months of Netflix free.
Here are the details for each credit card offering a Netflix promotion right now.

Bank of America

When you purchase a Netflix subscription through the Bank of America mall, you’ll get $15 cash back. Since one month of Netflix’s basic subscription is about $8, you’re almost getting two months of streaming free, in addition to the first month free that Netflix offers.

Chase Bank

The Chase Ultimate Rewards portal offers 1,300 points when you sign up for Netflix and use your Chase rewards card. (Note: The Chase debit rewards program has been discontinued as of June 1, so it’s only good if you use your rewards credit card. 1300 points equals $13 cash back or a $13 statement credit which, again, equals close to two free months of Netflix.


Citi is offering $12 cash back when you shop through the ThankYou rewards portal, not the best offer, but still good toward one additional free month of Nettflix.

Other Ways to Earn Free Netflix Months

Before you sign up, search the Web for valid coupon codes that give you yet another extra month of free service as a new user. You may be able to combine these with Netflix’s current offer for a free month and use your Citi, Bank of America or Chase card to pay, upping your bonus to three or four free months.
You can also look for personalized offers based on your other buying habits and mailing lists you’re on. For instance, Xbox  users may receive emails for a free month of Netflix when they upgrade their Microsoft Live account to “Gold” status. These accounts may stream Netflix movies and other content to their television via their Xbox 360 console. Other consoles such as Wii and Play Station offer the same type of access. Don’t wait too long, though, before getting your bonus rewards for up to three free months of Netflix. As with all credit card reward bonus programs, no one knows when the credit card issuers will change the rewards offer.

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