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How to Use Google Wallet With a Citi Credit Card

By Kevin / September 23, 2011


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Although others will work with Google Wallet in the future, the Citi MasterCard is the only credit card that currently works with this program. Citi MasterCard customers now have the ability to use Google Wallet to pay for their purchases. Let’s explore how to use this new method of payment.

How to Download Google Wallet

To get Google Wallet, you’ll have to have a Samsung Nexus S 4G phone. This phone is available at Best Buy, Sprint and on the Internet. Eventually, Google Wallet will also be available on Google Android phones, so more options are coming.

Once you have a Samsung Nexus S 4G phone, you don’t have to do anything else to get Google Wallet. It will be automatically be added to the phone as part of a software update and does not cost the user anything.

Preparing to Use Your Citi MasterCard on Google Wallet

To use your Citi MasterCard on Google Wallet, you should first confirm that your card will work with the application. It should work, but use the following tool to verify that this is the case.

After you’ve confirmed that your card is compatible, open the Google Wallet application and load your Citi MasterCard number onto it. Voila! You’re ready to use your Citi MasterCard wirelessly through your phone!

Now that you have your phone (with Google Wallet on it) and your Citi MasterCard loaded onto it, you are now ready to start shopping. However, your favorite retailers may or may not accept it yet, so check here to find out whether or not you’ll be able to use it on your next shopping trip. Alternatively, you can contact your favorite merchant and ask if MasterCard PayPass is accepted, which also means that Google Wallet is accepted.

To pay, you’ll tap your phone at a point-of-sale terminal. Your phone will then transmit your encrypted payment information to the terminal. Then, well, that’s it. Sounds pretty easy, huh?

With Google seemingly becoming a major player in the payment processing world, many people are sure to use Google Wallet as a preferred payment source. If you already use your Citi MasterCard to pay for your purchases, then it will be a convenient way to speedily check out. However, be sure not to let the ease of payment cause runaway spending, as credit cards can get you into enough trouble already if you are not a disciplined spender. On a side note – if you think the lady who takes 5 minutes to pay by check gets dirty looks now – wait until this becomes widespread!

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