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How To Use Credit Card Bonus Points For Holiday Shopping

By Kevin / December 8, 2008


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Many credit card companies and department store merchants offer consumers an option to receive cash back or points to redeem for rewards and merchandise. During the holidays, there could be an immense savings to you on buying gifts this year, if you were to use the bonuses that you have been awarded from your credit cards. For cardholders that normally wouldn’t cash in their points for merchandise, it is an idea that is worth looking into.

Check with your current credit card companies to see if you are already enrolled in a cash back or points program. You may have points accumulated that you could be using to save on holiday gifts right now. There are many credit cards that offer special bonuses and you could purchase specific gifts for your friends and family. Look into some of the different types of rewards that are available while keeping your holiday shopping list in mind.

Department store credit cards are always good for gaining cash back rewards because it is their way of ensuring purchase are made in their particular store. Sometimes the cash back option comes in the form of certificates that can be used when purchasing gifts in their store. This could be another way to utilize the bonuses from the credit card in a way that could save you money on buying holiday gifts.

Do you have any sports fans on your holiday shopping list? If so, there an enormous amount of sports gifts that you could receive just by enrolling for a credit card. NFL, NASCAR, Major League Baseball and World of Warcraft all have excellent reward programs for specialized merchandise that can be given as holiday gifts for the sports enthusiasts.

The MLB has a credit card that is called “extra bases” that gives the cardholder points that can be used for travel, sports memorabilia and game tickets at field level. Any baseball fan would love to receive one of these rewards this holiday season. Another reward that can be used as a holiday gift is an officially licensed MLB jersey that you will receive after the first purchase on your extra bases credit card.

The National Football League also offers an excellent rewards program on their extra points visa credit card. There is no annual fee involved and points that are awarded can be redeemed for VIP passes and tickets, along with NFL merchandise. After the first qualifying purchase or transaction, you will receive a gift card worth $50 to use in the for buying a holiday gift for the football fan on your list.

Any race fans on your holiday shopping list this year? When you use the NASCAR platinum plus visa credit card, you will earn “Race Points” with every purchase made with the card. These points can be used to purchase exclusive NASCAR collectibles and experiences for gift giving or to add to your own racing collection.

The Platinum credit card for AT&T users gives the cardholder savings for the initial 12 months of up to 10% off. These discounts can be used for all types of wireless services and benefits. An excellent holiday gift for high school or college aged children is the free phone minutes that are automatically given each month. You get up to 30 minutes every month and 2 free calls to directory assistance per month.

There is even a Visa credit card that allows the card holder to accumulate online game time for World of Warcraft. This is a very popular game and chances are good that you have someone on your holiday shopping list that would love a gift of free game time to play their favorite game. Upon the first use of the Platinum edition of the World of Warcraft Visa card, you will earn an entire month of free game time, which would make a great gift for the serious gamer this year.

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