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How to Use Consolidation Loans to Tackle Credit Card Debt

By Kevin / November 6, 2008
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For many customers facing credit card debt – it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. One of the most effective solutions to lower monthly payments, when even the minimum payments have become unmanageable is to apply for a consolidation loan.

A consolidation loan has the ability to lower the monthly payment into one manageable amount – paid to one creditor, rather than to several different companies.  At times, debt can be overwhelming with credit card and consumer debt bills pouring in month after month. obtaining a credit card consolidation loan can sometimes provide a solution to debt repayment issues.

How does a consolidation loan lower the monthly payments?

Most often, the debt term is increased to create lower, more manageable payments for the debtor. The interest rate can be lowered as much as ten percent, creating a significant difference in the amount paid to creditors.

There are many benefits to a consolidation loan.

Since payments are lowered to become manageable, they become affordable to the debtor.

In the past, late charges may have accumulated from outstanding debt but with the manageable payments that come with debt consolidation; these late and over limit charges are eliminated. Debt consolidation allows the debtor to have a decreased debt load, as agents and lenders can often negotiate with creditors for lower interest rates, lower payments and lower amounts of debt owed.

The cons to debt consolidation are the extended period that is created when the loans are stretched over a long period of time. Sometimes, when the adjustment occurs from the strict debt repayment schedule to the lower monthly payments, the debtor may fall into old habits. When this happens, the risk for implications to debt which is unmanageable increase.

When taking out a consolidation loan, it is crucial that the debtor understand that debt should be avoided in the future as the consolidation loan has a monthly payment; therefore accumulating more debt means that not only will you have to pay the monthly payment but also any debt that has been accumulated since that time.

A consolidation loan should not be considered lightly, take into account that the loan is going to take longer to be paid, as a trade-off for the lower payments.

An important part of debt consolidation is debt management education or debt management counseling. This will ensure that behaviors in the past which have lead to consumer debt are managed accordingly. Sometimes, emotional spending habits or a lack of a budget can lead to a larger debt load than before the consolidation loan had been applied for and brought into place.

Debt management skills can be learned from counseling. The debt consolidation loan process for eliminating credit card debt can be successful for those who are dedicated to eliminating their debt.

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