How To Use Bank Of America Travel Rewards

How To Use Bank Of America Travel Rewards

The Bank of America® Travel Rewards Visa® credit card accelerates your rewards up to 3 points per $1 spent when you book your travel through the Bank of America® Travel Center.This would include your flights, hotel nights and rental cars.Now, this does not include insurance.Even better, there’s no limits on the extra points you can earn, so you can really rack up using the travel center.

How can it get better than that?Your card also has a cool sign-up promotion, so you want to make sure you spend enough so you qualify for bonus.All you need to do is make at least $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days of opening your account.If you do, you’re going to receive 25,000 online bonus points.That can be used for a $250 credit toward future travel.

Some of you may be wondering, “I’ve seen other reward cards offer a lot more points.”While that is true, other reward cards usually have fees, so this is a good deal to take advantage of.

Redeem Rewards On Your Bank Of America® Travel Rewards Visa® Credit Card

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