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How to Save Money with Shell

By Kevin / June 27, 2009


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Shell Gas Stations offer a number of ways for customers to save money using Shell credit cards and the Shell Saver Card, a card that links to your debit account and saves you 2 cents per gallon when used (down from 5 cents per gallon earlier this year). Here’s how to save money on gasoline purchases every day when you shop at Shell stations.

1. The Shell Saver Card
The Shell Saver card is a card that links directly to your checking account, allowing you to save money on every gas purchase without the use of a credit card. Any amount charged with the account is deducted from your checking account and shows on your bank statement. The Shell Saver Card is simple to get, requiring only an active checking account and no fees of any sort. The Shell Saver Card is one of a kind: Shell is the first national gas retailer to offer an option like it. Conveniently, the card can also be used for other purchases at Shell, like food and services, although you won’t receive a discount on these items. The Shell Saver Card works by automatically saving you 2 cents per gallon when used.

2. Shell Select Member Card
The Shell Select Member credit card is another great option for Shell customers to save money because it gives cash back on a number of purchases like car rentals, hotel stays and airline travel. You receive 10% cash back on all hotel stays at Ramada, Hilton, Holiday Inn and other hotels, in addition to 5% cash back on airline travel and car rentals booked through the Select Member Reservation Center. You can also save up to 50% at over 13,000 hotels. Along with other benefits like travel insurance, the Shell Select Member Card has a low annual fee of $25 and can be a great money-saving option for Shell customers that travel often.

3. The Shell Platinum Mastercard
Third is the Shell Platinum Mastercard, which earns 5% rebates on all Shell gasoline purchases. You can also earn 1% rebates on other purchases made anywhere else. Shell’s website has a useful calculator to help demonstrate exactly how much you can be earning when you use your Shell Platinum Mastercard. The Shell Platinum Mastercard is ideal for customers that faithfully use Shell to fuel up, allowing them to save potentially hundreds of dollars per year.

4. The Shell Fleet Plus Mastercard
Lastly, Shell’s Fleet Plus Mastercard is ideal for businesses that need to reduce their fleet fuel costs, allowing price reductions of up to 3%. Monthly purchases between $1,000 and $3,999 receive a rebate of 1.5%; purchases between $4,000 and $7,999 receive a rebate of 2.0%; purchases between $8,000 and $9,999 receive a rebate of 2.5%; and monthly purchases of $10,000 and over get a 3.0% rebate. This Mastercard for businesses also comes with plenty of money-mangement tools to help control costs like the Driver Report and Expense Summary Report. There’s no fee for the first year for the Fleet Plus Mastercard, although a monthly accounting fee of $10 applies if the purchases fall below $1,000. Balances are due in full each month for purchases made with the Fleet Plus Mastercard.

These three money-saving options from Shell offer something for each type of customer: the Shell Saver Card is great for people with poor credit or simply those that don’t want to use credit; the Shell Select Member Card gives customers the opportunity to save money on travel; the Shell Platinum Mastercard is for those that want to earn rebates simply on Shell gasoline purchases; and the Shell Fleet Plus Mastercard is aimed at businesses that are trying to reduce fleet fuel costs.

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