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How To: Save Money through ShopAmex

By Dawn Allcot / April 8, 2010


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ShopAmex is much more than just a rewards site for Amex CardMembers. With the tagline “Search. Compare. Buy,” the site works more like an online shopping portal. Use your American Express card and earn savings, on top of the opportunity to cash in your rewards points to make your purchase. Also look for special seasonal deals and sales that let you make the most of your points.

Current promotions include:

  • Seasonal deals available only for qualified CardMembers
  • Free shipping from Cooking.
  • $10 off your purchase from

Some retailers also offer bonus points when you shop through ShopAmex, and some American Express cards offer between 2 and 10X bonus points for ShopAmex customers. These perks really help your rewards points add up quickly so you can shop — and save — frequently using your rewards points.

You can save money through ShopAmex in three easy steps:

1. Accrue rewards points by using your American Express card and making on-time payments
2. Log on to and choose merchandise from a variety of online retailers
3. Use your American Express card and/or rewards points to make a purchase

You can also buy Rewards points with your American Express card for purchases.

ShopAmex gives you the option to search for merchandise based on:

  • quantities of rewards points
  • special offers
  • category of product
  • specific online retailers
How to Compare Prices through ShopAmex

Many credit card rewards programs give you limited options for online shopping. With American Express, you can compare prices from 90 online retailers to find the best deals.

When you find the merchandise you want, click the green button to “compare prices.” You’ll find prices from all stores that carry your item through the ShopAmex program, the estimated shipping, and the price in both dollars and rewards points. You can choose the lowest priced retailer who participates in the ShopAmex program.

Compare Values on Gift Cards

When you order gift cards through ShopAmex, some gift cards may be a better value than others. Most gift cards are valued at 100 points to the dollar, but sometimes points totals vary. You might also compare points and dollar values to decide if it’s a better deal to purchase a gift card and then shop through online or brick-and-mortar retailer with the lowest overall price, using the gift card to buy what you want. This way, you can get the lowest price on merchandise, cash in your rewards points, and earn additional savings.

Before you make a decision on the best way to shop, you’ll want to consider three factors:

  • Bonus points you can earn through shopAmex
  • Special sales and discounts available through ShopAmex v. discounts at other retailers
  • Prices plus shipping at other stores v. ShopAmex

All of this requires a lot of math and each situation varies. But if you’re a bargain hunter, this really is the best way to save. In most cases, American Express cardholders will find the best deals through ShopAmex by cashing in points, but you only know if you shop around.

Additional Opportunities to Save

ShopAmex currently offers a spring promotion. The home page shows a “Limited Time shopAmex Sale,” advertising special deals on warm weather items. When you log in with your user ID and password, you’ll see how much you can save, typically from 10 to 30% off any purchase when you use your Rewards points.

Waiting for these special seasonal deals to cash in your rewards points gives you the best value for your money, because you earn 10 to 30% savings on top of whatever savings or bonus points are already offered, including free shipping.

Benefits to Shopping with your Amex Card

Don’t forget, when you shop with your American Express card through ShopAmex, you’ll also enjoy the additional benefits and privileges offered with the credit card. This includes:

  • Purchase Protection
  • Return Protection
  • Buyer’s Assurance Plan – extends product warranties
  • Fraud Protection for peace of mind when you’re shopping online
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