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How To: Save Fifty Dollars a Month on Cable or Satellite TV

By Kevin / November 3, 2016
How to Save Money on Your Cable TV or Satellite Bill


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The following article is a guest post by Satellite TV Guru. covers a variety of TV show news and info as well as the latest information on Dish Network and DirecTV. He is here to tell is how we can save $50 per month on our cable or satellite TV bill.

Do You Love Watching TV?

Who doesn’t love to watch TV?

I myself have tried out every channel and movie station available. But it turns out I was paying more than $50 a month more than I should have been. And that was for a basic satellite package!

I love my TV, but I don’t think even I watch enough to justify that extra fifty a month, especially seeing as I don’t even watch half of the premium movie channels in the package.

I knew there had to be a cheaper way to get the kind of shows and movies I wanted to see. And you know what I found out? There are some great alternatives out there that can save you tons of cash!

Saving Money on Your Cable TV Bills

These are my top three methods to cut the cost of cable or satellite TV bills. Follow these tips, and you can save up to $50 per month!

Cord cutters looking for cheap entertainment can save even more.

Tip #1: Netflix

Okay, okay, so I talk about Netflix way too much. I can’t help myself, it’s just that good!

HBO, Starz and Showtime would cost me an extra $50 each month. But I could sign up for Netflix for just ten bucks and get all the movies I could want right in the mail.

Netflix also has a huge selection of movies and TV shows that you can watch online, right on your computer!

The only drawback here is Netflix can’t offer the current season of a given TV show until it’s out on DVD. But hey, there’s a ton of websites out there that have up-to-date TV episodes.

Netflix also recently released its own hardware called the ROKU. For $100 you can buy this device. It allows you to browse the Netflix library, rent a movie, and have it streamed directly to your television. Netflix and Microsoft even struck a deal together, and now you can stream Netflix movies to your TV through your Xbox 360!

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Tip #2: Rent from iTunes

iTunes has also gotten into the movie rental business.

Unlike Netflix, which charges a flat monthly fee, iTunes charges per rental. If you only watch a handful of movies per month this is the best option for you, and it beats forking over more money than you ought to for movie channels.

And with iTunes you can watch your rentals on your computer, on your TV (with Apple TV), your iPhone or your iPod too.

You can even download TV shows for $1.99 each, but you might want to check to see if you can watch the show for free first, before spending any money.

Pro Tip: You can often find iTunes gift cards for 20% off. Buy these for yourself, and reduce your cost for new music, movies, and books.

Tip #3: Amazon Video on Demand

Amazon’s Video on Demand service works in a similar way to iTunes.

However, if you’re already a member of Amazon’s Prime membership service, you will have access to a ton of their On Demand content for FREE. And you can also stream it to your TV through the same ROKU box you are using to stream your Netflix movies.

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