How To Increase Credit On My Amazon Chase Credit Card Limit Online

How To Increase Credit On My Amazon Chase Credit Card Limit Online

So, you have an Amazon Chase credit card. You want to increase your credit limit on your card. Ready to learn how to make it happen?
Let’s go!
First things first, JPMorgan Chase & Co., more popularly known as Chase, is one of the most popular major credit card issuers in the world. While this specific credit card is an Amazon credit card, it’s Chase that backs it, therefore you’ll need to go through Chase if you want to increase your credit limit.
While we’ll be focusing on the “online” method for this particular article, you can also call Chase at 1-888-245-0625.
To request for an increase online, just click here.

You’ll Want To Go Ahead And Create An Online Account

How To Increase Credit On My Amazon Chase Credit Card Limit Online
Just sign in with your user ID and password, or create an online account if you haven’t done that yet. To create a new account, you’ll need your social security number, credit card number, and a phone number or email address.

Before You Call Or Apply Online, Be Sure To Read This

It’s super important you know what to expect before you try to increase your Amazon Chase credit card (really any credit card). Here’s some important tips before you get going.

(1) Let Them Know Why You Need A Credit Limit Increase

A lot of people make the mistake of saying “it’s an emergency” or “we had a death.” While that may be true, this is not the way to get a credit limit increase.
In most circumstances like this, they’re likely going to turn your request down.
We don’t want you to tell them why you need it, rather, you tell them why you deserve it. Before you say anything, if you’re thinking about an increase and you haven’t been taking care of business on your end, you’re wasting your time.
If you’ve made all your payments on-time, using your Amazon Chase credit card properly, you have a fair shot at getting your credit limit increase.
Here’s some things you can bring up;

  • I’ve been with Chase for (X) years. (Less than 6 months? Don’t do it!)
  • I always pay my balance in full every month.
  • I’m always using 30 percent of less of my credit limit.
  • I always pay on time. I always pay early, multiple times a month.
  • I’m making a lot more money now.

All of these are strong leverage points for you. While that’s true, don’t be an a**hole. Be nice, respectful and be authentic.
Remember, they’re just doing their job. We promise, they will not decide if you get your credit limit increase or not, it will be Chase and much higher up the food chain.

(2) Request A Fair Credit Limit Increase

If you currently have a $2,000 limit, try asking for $2,000 more, even $5,000.
You don’t want to try and go for $10,000 if you only have a $2,000 credit limit. In simple terms, don’t be greedy.
A lot of people will tell you to stick to 10-30 percent. We don’t agree. While there’s way too many scenarios to list, every case is different, so use sound thinking here.
If you have a $1,000 credit limit, try to get a $1,000 increase.
Now, if you go higher than 50 percent, you may be pushing the limits. To get specific, I always aim for 30-50 percent and I’ve always been approved for my credit limit increases.
With that said, I’ve always paid my account in full every month. I’ve always paid on time.
I waited 12 months before I asked for an increase. These are super important and work in your favor.

(3) Let’s Talk Balance Transfer

How To Increase Credit On My Amazon Chase Credit Card Limit Online
Oh yeah, the banks love it! It’s a win-win for everyone.
Of course, we’re a little outside of our Amazon Chase credit card’s capabilities, but it’s an option for those of you that are wondering how to get more credit. It’s simple, you get a brand new card.
Since many balance transfer credit cards are no interest for so many months, it may make since for you. Again, you do have that option.

(4) Wait For A Natural Credit Limit Increase

Lastly, you can always wait for Chase to give you a credit limit increase.
We’ve heard good things about Chase giving credit limit increases. I’ve had a few credit cards from Chase that automatically approved credit limits without having to ask.
The big key, it’s using your Chase credit card responsibly. That is what it boils down.
If you’re making payments late, you may find them reducing your credit limit versus you get more credit.
You want to try and pay your balances in full each month, if you can of course. I know that’s easier said than done for some of you, but it puts you in a power position when you go to request more credit.

In Closing

While we’re focusing on improving your odds to raise your Amazon Chase credit card limit, this advice is global, for all credit card holders. You can take these same steps you’re learning today and you can use these methods across the board.
It makes no difference if you’re using a Mastercard, Visa, rewards credit card or a store card, if you want higher credit limits, stick to this script. When you show others you’re “credit worthy,” getting new credit becomes a lot easier.
Higher credit limits are great but they can be dangerous too for those that don’t use their credit cards responsibly.
If you’re using your credit cards right, following the tips in this article, your chances to be approved for a higher credit limit on your Amazon Chase card dramatically increases.
If you’re not using your cards right, today is a great time to start over. Join our list here at Credit Shout while you’re at it so we can send you more tips on improving your credit.
Good luck!

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