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How to Get Approved With Reconsideration

By Kevin / April 24, 2012
How to Get Approved With Reconsideration


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You’ve applied for a great deal on a credit card. You’re ready to be notified of your approval and cash in on those great rewards. Then, you find out that your application has been denied. What’s up with that?

If we lived in a world of perfect decision-making, things would operate much more smoothly. However, we do not. That’s why there are appellate courts for erroneous legal judgments, official reviews for questionable calls by referees and, in the credit card business, reconsiderations.

So, if you’ve been turned down on a credit card offer, you may get a second crack at it. Some companies will reconsider their decision if your application has been denied. Let’s take a look at how to go about getting a second chance with your desired credit card.

Read Your Denial Letter

If a credit card issuer has rejected your application, it should have sent a letter explaining why. This is a good starting point for your appeal.

It is a good idea to read the denial letter carefully to determine why your application was declined. It can tell you whether or not it is worthwhile to contact the issuer’s reconsideration line in the first place. For example, if your application was rejected because your credit score is too low and you’ve gone through 8 vehicle repossessions and been evicted 4 times in the past 2 years, you probably won’t get approved for a credit card on second look. However, if it was because of income issues and your income information is outdated, reconsideration become a much more realistic option.

Have this letter handy when you contact the issuer. It should contain a reference number to expedite the call and allow you to reference it when speaking with a customer service rep.

Contact the Issuer

The way to get the issuer to reconsider your application depends on why it was rejected. Below are a few reasons why your original application may have been rejected and what you can do to deal with it.

Credit Line

If the issuer is not comfortable extending additional credit to you because you already have 1 or more cards, consider requesting a lower credit limit on at least 1 card. Then, the issuer will have no reason not to extend another card to you, provided that it falls within the relevant limit. It is best to verify with the customer service representative that this will work before doing so.


If your application was rejected for income purposes, verify that the information on file is accurate. For example, if you’ve taken on a second job or received a raise since you applied, have your income information updated to reflect the latest figures.

Credit Score

If you have poor credit, there is little that you can do to get reconsidered for a credit card. Still, it can’t hurt to try.

If you’ve made any positive moves in regards to your credit recently such as paying off a loan, mention this to the issuer. The worst that they can say is “No.”

General Tips

Regardless of the reason that your application was denied, there are a few general tips that can be followed to improve your chances of success. These include the following:

Are You an Existing Customer?

If you already have an account with the issuer, mention reasons why you are a valuable customer. For example, if you have always paid on time and have given the issuer plenty of business in the past, it may realize that you are not as risky as originally determined.

Ask if There is Anything Else You Can Do

As credit card issuers tend to avoid inviting reconsiderations, it may not be clear on how they go about doing so. It is a good idea to just ask the relevant customer service rep. what else, if anything, they want from you before they approve your application. Then, you will have an idea of whether or not this is worth pursuing.

Contact Numbers

Below are a few contact numbers to call for reconsideration:

  • American Express: 866-314-0237
  • Chase: 888-270-2127 or 888-245-0625
  • Citi: 800-763-9795

Note that issuers don’t publicize their reconsideration policies or numbers very well, so you may have to call the general customer service line if your issuer is not listed above.

The Bottom Line

There is no standard procedure for getting approved for a card after being denied. However, by following the above tips, you should be well on your way to giving yourself the best chance at doing so.

Remember that there are other cards in the sea. If your chosen card simply isn’t going to end up in your wallet, there are plenty of others out there to pick from.

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