How To Get Approved For A Victoria Secret Credit Card

How To Get Approved For A Victoria Secret Credit Card This 2024

You want a Victoria Secret credit card, this much you know but how can you make it happen? If you’re already a current Victoria Secret shopper, the Angel credit card would make total sense.

With the Angel credit card, you’re going to have opportunities to earn rewards at Victoria Secret, as well as free shipping and free gifts!

The Angel credit card can be used at Victoria Secret, PINK and Bath & Body Works. With Bath & Body Works, you can only use it in-store.

With Victoria Secret and PINK, you’re going to have the chance to earn and redeem rewards.

The Angel Rewards Program currently has 3 tier reward levels that include Angel, Angel VIP, and Angel Forever. Each reward level is assigned to you based on the amount of points you earn using your credit card.

Angel Rewards Program tiers

How To Get Approved For A Victoria Secret Credit Card

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The Angel card has three rewards tiers:

  • Angel – no point requirement
  • Angel VIP – cardholders must earn 500 points to reach this level
  • Angel Forever – cardholders must earn 1,000 points to reach this level

You can be promoted automatically to the next tier in the rewards program if you earn the set amount of points required during the twelve month Angel Rewards Program year. The rewards program starts on February 1st and ends on January 31st.

If you’re moved up to the 2nd tier, which is Angel VIP, you’ll stay on that level until you earn enough points to reach the Angel Forever level. The good news, you won’t be demoted back to Angel VIP for any reason.

If you do reach the Angel Forever tier, you’ll stay there for the entire program year, you’ll earn 1,000 points and you can stay the year after.

Now, the next following year, you’re going to need to re-qualify by earning a new 1,000 points. If you can’t, you will then be demoted back to the Angel VIP level.

For those of you on the lowest tier (Angel), you’ll get to choose 1 triple point day per program year. Angel VIP cardholders can choose 2 triple point days per year and Angel Forever members get to choose 3 triple point days per year.

Exclusive benefits for Angel VIP and Angel Forever members include access to exclusive event invitations (like store promotions). Angel Forever cardholders also get a special thank-you gift each year.

How Many Points You Can Earn

Using your card at Victoria Secret for perfume, panties, clothing and other products can earn you 1 point for every dollar you spend.

When you shop for bras, Victoria Secret will give you a special offer, allowing you to earn 3 points for every dollar you spend.

They also run specials for reward members only, where you can get the opportunity to earn more points on specific products they promote.

How Can I Use My Points?

How To Get Approved For A Victoria Secret Credit Card
When you reach 250 points, you’ll receive a store coupon reward. Angel and Angel VIP cardholders will get a $10 off reward while Angel Forever cardholders can get a $15 off reward.

The reward can take 3-8 weeks to receive and you’ll have to use it within a 90 day period. You can’t use your points earned for statement credit, cash redemptions or to purchase gift cards.

The Good And Bad

The good news, the Angel credit card has no annual fee! The bad, it has a high interest rate at 25.99%, which is average for a store card.

If you’re able to pay for your purchases each month, you’ll never have to worry about the interest. The late fee can be up to $37 and return payments are $25.

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Qualifying For The Angel Credit Card

If you want to get approved for a Victoria Secret credit card, you’re going to need at least average credit. While this card is easier to get (store cards are), don’t expect to be approved if you have bad credit.

Ready to get the credit card?

It’s simple, you can apply for the Angel card at any Victoria’s Secret or PINK store. Just let one of the team members know and they will be glad to help.

You can also apply online. They will run a credit check to determine your creditworthiness.

Just like any store credit cards, you can apply and get approved immediately at the store checkout counter.  Just know that any time your credit is run for a new credit card application, you will receive an inquiry on your credit report for every application.

Did you know there’s a way to see if you are pre-qualified for a Victoria’s Secret credit card without hurting your credit?

It’s true. Getting pre-qualified is simply a company’s way of telling you that you could qualify for a credit card if you decide to apply for it.

You are not actually signing up for a credit card if you are pre-qualified. This is simply a way to make sure you will qualify for the offer if you apply, so you don’t ding your credit score for nothing.

How To Get Pre-Approved For Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

  1. Choose one product and go to checkout. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything to get pre-approved.)
  2. Enter your name, phone and address. Be sure the address is the same you receive your bills at. (So they can match your name)
  3. Continue on to the payments/offer page.
  4. If you’re pre-approved, you’ll see a message pop up that tells you what your initial credit limit will be.
  5. Click on the link if you want to go ahead and apply.
  6. If you weren’t approved, additional information may be needed.

What’s The Lowest Credit Score Accepted

While everyone is different and we’re not saying this credit score will get you approved, the lowest credit scores approved are in the Mid-500S.

If you’re in that range, it’s possible you can get approved. If you’re in the Low-500s, we wouldn’t recommend applying at this time.

Bottom Line

If you’re a regular shopper at these stores, why not take advantage of the additional rewards? Sure, you want to be mindful using this credit card.

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