How to Get a Free Car

Many people find it difficult to obtain a car. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, having a car is necessary for travel to work, school, and to complete essential obligations. 

However, the most common route to acquiring a car is by visiting a dealership and taking out an auto loan, which a lot of people don’t qualify for. Alternatively, some people will have to save up the money to purchase a car outright, but even this route faces steep obstacles. 

All in all, buying a car is difficult, even for people who have sufficient financial means. If you’re here, then you’re clearly struggling with buying a car and want to know if there are any organizations dealing away donated cars. 

You may also be interested in knowing any organization is offering free cars given away. Below, you’ll explore every option to learn how you can get a free car now. 

How to Get a Free Car from the Government?

Granted, there are several government grants and programs available to provide much-needed financial assistance for the people that need it across the United States. Unfortunately, the U.S. government does not actively sponsor a program to give away free cars. 

To get a free car now, you’ll need to access private charities and organizations, and get in touch with caring individuals. While it’s not currently possible to receive a free car from the government, you can still receive assistance in regards to financial support, housing, healthcare, and food. 

Receiving help to cover these basic necessities can free up your budget to allocate more funds to buying a car in the future. This is especially true if you can apply for a grant that will help offset the cost of a car or if you find low-income housing. 

It’s important to remember that if you are receiving government assistance, then you need to be careful about receiving free cars. This type of transaction can count as “additional income” and disqualify you from receiving future support. 

Therefore, make sure you check the asset and income rules and regulations for these programs before moving forward. 

How to Get a Free Car from Charity

There are many charities that donate free cars to disabled and low-income people. Granted, these charities receive thousands of applications every year. You’ll need to demonstrate urgent financial need to have your application approved. 

If you are successful, receiving a free car can make the difference in your situation. Make sure to check the eligibility requirements of the charities that offer free cars. Below are some of the top organizations that offer free cars to low-income people:

1. Cars4Heroes

Cars4Heroes is a non-profit organization that offers free cars for veterans, first responders, and families who cannot obtain the means to support themselves. In order to apply, you must fill out an application with the following information:

  • Your total years of service
  • The branch of service you participated in
  • The type of first responder you were
  • Reason why you need a car
  • Personal information, such as home address and phone number

Once you finish applying, this organization will review your application. Even if you don’t receive a free car on your first try, they’ll keep your application on file for the first three years. 

2. Cars4Christmas

Cars4Christmas is operated by Cars4Heroes. However, this charity provides free cars for all kinds of downtrodden individuals rather than first responders and military veterans. 

This organization, in particular, assists families whose lives have been stricken with natural disasters, tragedy, death, illness, and disability. Based on incoming donations, Cars4Christmas gives away approximately 20 cars every year out of 20,000 applications. 

While the odds are small for you to receive a free car from this charity, it’s still worth a shot to apply. You could be connected to other organizations that can provide you with financial assistance to buy a car or a private donor interested in your story. 

3. 800-Charity Cars

The 1-800 Charity sponsors Free Charity Cars to provide destitute individuals with free cars. Free Charity Cars specializes in accepting donated cars and raising the money to help people in need. 

Through 800-Charity Cars, you can submit your application. Unfortunately, this charity has become overwhelmed with applications, and they aren’t accepting new ones at this time. 

Nonetheless, check back periodically on their website to see when they are accepting applications again. 100% of all donations made to this charity go toward helping anyone suffering from financial hardships. 

4. is a part of the network. This charity provides free cars to all of the following people in need:

  • Domestic abuse victims
  • Disabled people
  • Homeless individuals and families
  • Military veterans and families

Fortunately, the application process is very simple. You also need to provide a basic description of your financial need and personal information in your application. After you submit your application, it will be reviewed within a few days to determine a possible fit. 

If your application is selected, you will be contacted within 30 days. If your application isn’t selected, you are always encouraged to reapply. 


Online Car Donation aims to offer free cars for any person in need. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable free car, this is a great option. This charity also gives away trucks, vans, and modified vehicles for people with special needs.

After completing your application, you will be contacted within 30 days if it has been selected. They request that if you do not hear from them again, submit another application instead of calling them. 

How to Get a Free Car: Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways to get a free car in the United States. Though, these are only short-term options. For this reason it’s best to explore credit cards for poor credit

You can also try understanding credit reports and scores to begin building your history. This way, you can place yourself in an ideal position to finance a reliable car without a large down payment. 

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