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Good Frequent Flyer Mile Calculators

By Kevin / September 28, 2011
good frequent flyer calculators


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Want to find out how much your frequent flyer miles are worth? Then you may need a miles calculator.

In general, you’re frequent flyer miles are determined by the actual miles that you fly. If you take a 5,000 mile round trip, you’ll get 5,000 miles. Of course, there are double miles and other bonuses to consider. But that is the gist of things.

Want to calculate them on your own?

Let’s explore a few calculators that you can use to do so.

TravelMath Calculator

This calculator is great for those who want a simple calculator without all the bells and whistles. You enter in your origin and destination and press “Calculate.” It then gives you the distance of your trip, which you can multiply by two on any simple calculator if you are going round trip.

There is also plenty of other information that you can look up easily with this calculator, such as the nearest airport, flight time and several other bits of information. I

t’s not the most advanced calculator out there, but it will give you a good idea of how many frequent flyer miles you’ll earn without having to enter your life story.

USA Today Calculator

USA Today’s calculator is a bit more advanced than the TravelMath calculator. This will be great if you are looking to get to the nuts and bolts of things instead of just getting a broad picture. It gives the option of adding up to three destinations.

This calculator takes the following categories into consideration and gives you the amount of miles that you can expect to earn:

  • Distance
  • Elite bonus
  • Class of service bonus
  • Special promotion bonus

Note that all of these categories also have the option of being based on actual or minimum miles.

So, let’s say that you are flying from New York to California on business and plan to stop in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Of course, you’ll fly back to New York as well, adding plenty of miles to your trip – although the weather in L.A. may make you think twice about it. Also, let’s assume that you qualify for double miles as a special promotion bonus.

Your results will be as follows:

  • Total roundtrip distance – 10,776 miles
  • Bonus miles – 10,780 miles
  • Total frequent flyer miles – 21,556 miles

As you can see, this calculator gives much more detail than the Travelmath calculator, giving you a more in-depth picture of your situation if you’d like to go that route.

Airline-Specific Calculators

Going with an airline-specific calculator is the best bet if your airline has 1. Some airlines offer online calculators that give results specific to their airline.

Continental Airlines has such a calculator. It is fairly straightforward. You go to the calculator, enter your origin and destination, enter your trip type and ticket type, then your status (non-elite, silver elite, etc.). Within seconds, you’ll know how many frequent flyer miles you’ll get and it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

United Airlines also has a frequent flyer miles calculator.

Their calculator is more advanced than Continental Airlines’ calculator and takes not only flight miles into consideration, but other spending so that you may determine how many miles you can get. It takes travel, shopping and money management expenses into consideration.

Take note that your results will probably be less accurate than those that Continental gives, as this calculator offers what you could earn, not necessarily what you will earn.

Other airlines offer such calculators, as well. Check your favorite airline’s website to see if they offer a frequent flyer miles calculator.

The mentioned calculators can all be found on the Internet and won’t cost you a dime to use.

There are also applications that are available on mobile phones, but you may have to pay for those. It all depends on how many bells and whistles you are looking for.

If you’re looking for something very simple, then go with TravelMath’s calculator. If you want something very advanced, then you’ll probably have to pay for it.

In any event, the mentioned calculators should do just fine for most people, so give them a try if you would like to know how many frequent flyer miles you could earn!

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