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Gift Card Deals With American Express Membership Rewards

By Dan Rafter / April 28, 2011


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American Express' Membership Rewards program is dotted with gift card offers. If you have an American Express card that rewards you with points when you use it to rent cars, pay for meals or fill up your gas tank, you can turn these points into gift certificates for florists, restaurants, retailers and golf companies.

But the gift certificates offered at aren't all created equal. Some give you more spending power for fewer points.

In fact, when shopping for gift cards at, your best bet is to avoid American Express gift cards. These generally give you the lowest bang for your buck.

American Express Gift Cards

Consider the American Express Gift Card Especially for the Bride & Groom. This card, listed at, comes in a denomination of $100. To get it, you'll need to have earned 20,000 rewards points.

The Web site also offers the American Express Gift Card Especially for Teens. This card, with a value of $50, costs 10,000 rewards points.

These may seem like good deals at first glance. But when you compare them to other gift cards on the site, you'll find that the American Express cards give you the lowest dollar amounts for the rewards points that you've earned.

FTD, Neimen Marcus and Tourneau also offers an FTD gift card -- which provides you with three months of fresh flowers -- Neimen Marcus card and Tourneau gift card.

The Neimen Marcus and Tourneau -- a maker of fine watches -- cards each carry a value of $100. But while the American Express Card Especially for the Bride & Groom requires you to earn 20,000 points for $100, the Tourneau and Neimen Marcus cards only require you to earn 10,000 points for the same dollar amount.

The FTD card, on the other hand, only requires 18,000 points for its three months of fresh flowers.

The site also offers a $100 gift card from New York fashion outlet Bergdorf Goodman. This card, too, only requires you to have earned 10,000 rewards points.

Consider, too, that the American Express Gift Card Especially for Teens requires you to have earned 10,000 points. BUt for these points, you'll end up with a gift card with only a face value of $50.

Other Bargains

There are plenty of other gift cards on the site that offer better bargains than do the various American Express gift cards you'll find.

For just 2,500 rewards points, you can earn a $25 gift card from outdoors company REI. And for 1,000 points, you can order a $10 gift card from the Gap or a $10 card from Bath & Body Works.

If you'd like a more valuable card, you can redeem 26,400 points for the Callaway Golf $200 gift card.

The key to earning the most for your rewards points at is to shop carefully. And the odds are good that those American Express gift cards aren't the wisest use of your hard-earned points.

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