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Getting out of Credit Card Debt: Creating a Repayment Schedule

By Kevin / November 4, 2008
Getting out of Credit Card Debt: Creating a Repayment Schedule


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At some point in the debt process, the consumer will realise the need to create a repayment schedule that works for the credit card company and that works for the consumer.

At what point do people realize they need a debt repayment plan?

Often, a change in circumstances including a pregnancy, a marriage or an overhaul of the finances prompts the card holder to get out of debt. Other instances, like the present unstable state of the economy create conscious consumers that want to be prepared for any situation, including a drastic rise in interest rates.

So, which debts should be paid first?

People have a variety of ways that they deal with the debt repayment process. Some people choose to pay the smallest debts first. This often causes the card holder to feel small accomplishments and celebrations throughout the process.

What is the best way to create a repayment schedule?

First, determine the amount of debt that is present. This includes: credit cards, outstanding bills, line of credit accounts and personal loans.

Second, determine the amount of time that you would like to be debt free. This will give you an estimate of how long it is going to take to pay the debt.

One rule of thumb to follow: Debt repayment should be worked into the budget, but be no more than fifteen percent of the net income.

Third, determine which debts should be paid first. According to experts, paying the credit cards with the highest interest rate should be paid first. Paying the higher interest credit cards and loans will ensure that the term of the loan is decreased.

Many consumers are unaware of the how much a high interest rate can affect the balance of a credit card.

Using software to track the debt can be rewarding.

Rapid Relief debt software is available through multiple websites and allows the user to calculate their current debt, create a rapid repayment plan, and track the debt repayment progress on a monthly basis.

In this specialized calculator, the user determines the amount of money that is available to repay the debt, (should be no more than fifteen to twenty percent) and come up with a specialized plan to clear the debt the in the quickest way.

Other aspects of the debt repayment plan include an increase in income to create additional funds to repay the debt.

Once this increase in income has been increased the fifteen percent which should be applied to the debt will also increase, thus creating a quicker debt repayment plan.

If you have already established a budget, than it is viable that all of the extra income earned be placed towards the debt, if you are seeking to pay debt as quick as possible.

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