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Five Steps to Negotiating a Better Credit Card Deal

By Kevin / October 28, 2015
Five Steps to Negotiating a Better Credit Card Deal


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It is possible to negotiate a better credit card deal, regardless of whether you have been a customer of the same credit card issuer for a year or a decade. Just use these five steps to negotiate a better credit card deal today.

Getting Started

Many consumers are unaware of the simple results that can come from contacting the credit card company.

Here are some tips that you can use to negotiate a better deal with your credit card company. What are you waiting for? Get on the phone today.

First, ask!

Ask and ye shall receive.

Use this tried and true method while negotiating anything from a lower interest rate, a balance transfer or a lower annual fee.

Some customers have been successful in removing the annual fee from the card altogether.

One simple phone call to the credit card company can save hundreds of dollars per year accrued in interest charges, especially if you are one of those customers carrying a balance. So, get on the phone and keep talking until you get what it is you are looking for.

Second, get rid of that annual fee.

Are you a rewards card member that you barely use?

Consider switching this card to one without rewards to reap the benefits of a no-fee credit card. Sometimes, threatening to close the account gets the attention of the credit card company and gives the representative a reason to waive the annual fee.

These are two ways of nixing the annual fee on your credit card.

Third, consider a balance transfer.

If you have a balance on the credit card that you intend to pay within a six or nine month period, consider a balance transfer.

The balance transfer could save up to twenty percent interest, monthly! Keep in mind though, that these low or no-introductory fee rates are often temporary lasting on average six to nine months. Missing a payment, or going over the limit could forfeit these low interest rates.

Budgeting to pay the balance of the card within this time period saves hundreds of dollars in interest fees, and you may not even have to change insurance companies.

Fourth, compare and save.

Tell your issuer about its competitors rates. It never hurts to ask. And often you will see that they will match that rate. And, if not, than maybe it is time that you switched credit card companies.

Lastly, pay attention to promotions.

You have seen the commercials for cards offering huge welcome offers.

Maybe it is time you asked your current card company to show you some loyalty – by offering you those same extra miles, perks and other added benefits of using a rewards credit card that they are offering to switchers.

If not, and there there is an extremely high introductory bonus, than consider a switch to reap the benefits of the rewards card. You could be on vacation in no time, or earning cash towards your favorite retail outlet.

There are credit cards for practically every rewards program in existence, so take advantage of them.

The bottom line is, credit card companies will do what they can to make the customer happy. A happy customer means that they will remain a customer.

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