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Europe and UK American Express Membership Rewards Review

By Dan Rafter / January 14, 2011


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Like most credit card companies, American Express offers its own rewards program. The American Express Membership Rewards program, though, is a bit different than others. By enrolling in the program, you’ll earn points with nearly every dollar that you charge on your American Express Dollar Card. That’s not unusual for a rewards program. What is unusual with the American Express program, though, is the vareity of items for which you can redeem your points.

You can exchange your American Express Membership Rewards points for hotel stays, airline flights and merchandise. As you browse through American Express’ online rewards catalogue, you’ll find that you can redeem points for everything from high-end electronics to fine wines and some of the world’s snazziest pens.

How to Enroll: To enroll in the rewards program, you can log onto the American Express Membership Rewards home page. Once here, you can click on the “Enroll” link. You’ll then have to fill out a short application, providing such basic information as your name, address and card number.

Once American Express accepts your enrollment application, you’ll begin accumulating rewards points every time you use your American Express Dollar Card. You can then log back onto the membership rewards home page to visit your rewards account, which will tell you how many rewards points you’ve accumulated.

Fees: Fees for the American Express Membership Rewards program will vary depending on the card you hold. But for every cardholder, membership is free for the first year. Those holding Green and Company American Express Dollar Cards will pay an annual fee of $35.25 once the free first year ends. Cardholders with Gold, Platinum or Centurion cards will pay no annual fee ever for participating in the rewards program.

Redeeming Points: Once you have enough points saved up, you can redeem them for free airline flights, hotel stays, car rentals and merchandise, all offered through the rewards program online catalogue. To redeem points for a specific item, you need to call Membership Rewards. The customer service representatives with the program will give you a voucher or transfer points to your credit account. You can then purchase the items or services that you want.

Rewards: A recent tour through American Express’ online rewards catalogue revealed a host of items and services available to rewards members. Cardholders could turn in their rewards points to earn free flights on British Airways, Singapore Airlines and many other carriers at the ratio of one point for one free mile.

Cardholders can redeem 41,500 points for a Mont Blanc Meisterstruck Classic pen, or 33,500 points for a sixth generation iPod nano. A Play Station Portable 3000 game console comes with 41,500 points. Cardholders can even redeem points for such wines as the Chateau LaClare Red.

Finally, cardholders can also redeem their points for charitable causes. The Membership Rewards cataglogue, for instance, was recently offering cardholders the chance to redeem 10,000 rewards points to make a donation to Unicef.

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