Discover it Card Invitation

Today I received an “invitation” to apply for the Discover it card via snail mail. I was wondering if anyone else received this and does this mean that I have a better chance of being approved?

What credit score would you recommend for Discover it? I am in the process of rebuilding my credit but it is improving and thought that maybe this is a sign that I now qualify for some decent cards? I am hoping this wasn’t just a mass mailing to everyone and their mom…

Credit Cards For Good Credit

ANSWER: It means that you are probably pre-qualified but it does not mean that you are pre-approved. These mailings are sent out to everyone in a fairly wide range that may qualify for a particular offer based on data that the card company has purchased.

You can apply online through the official Discover its application here.

As for a credit score, I would recommend 720+ but I’ve heard of people with scores as low as 660 being approved for this particular offer.

I received this as well….wondering if I should apply? Here are my scores ex:675 eq:710 trans:705

ANSWER: Your Experian score is borderline, but it’s worth a shot – I’ve heard of people with lower scores being approved.

Does the invitation you received in the mail come with an invitation code?

ANSWER: Yes the mailer will have an invitation code and website URL to apply – assuming you don’t just mail the application that’s included with the mail offer.

Credit Cards For Good Credit

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