Dick's Sporting Goods ScoreCard Rewards Card

Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard Rewards Card


The Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard Rewards card has a number of things I like:

  • It comes with a handy keyfob card for convenience
  • There’s no fee for the card
  • It’s easy to earn points and you know exactly what you get

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How This Card Works

The program is very simple. Every purchase you make in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store earns you one ScoreCard bonus point. Get 300 points, get a $10 gift certificate, and the immediately begin earning points again with your very next purchase.

If you made an exceptionally large purchase, for instance, $650, you’ll earn a $20 rewards certificate. The remaining 50 points will roll over and go toward your next 300 points.

Dick’s offers easy online access to your ScoreCard account, where you can check your points balance and even add rewards points after you make a purchase if you forgot your card while you were shopping.

If you ever forget your card, you can have your ScoreCard rewards points added by logging in to your account and clicking on “Credit My Account” within 90 days of your purchase. You will need your original receipt.

You can also add rewards points after the fact at many stores; you’ll need your receipt for a record.

If you made an online purchase and forgot to enter your ScoreCard Rewards number, call 1-800-440-4002 to have the points added to your account.

Sometimes, Dick’s Sporting Goods will offer bonus points opportunities. You cannot earn bonus points with online purchases, however, only in-store purchases.

One way to earn bonus points is by using your Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card or Dick’s Sporting Goods MasterCard. The store credit card gives you 1 extra point for every $1 you spend on all in-store purchases (not online). The MasterCard earns you 1 extra point on all in-store Dick’s purchases plus 1 bonus point for every $3 you spend everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.

Points expire annually. On January 29, 2011, any cards with rewards points lower than 300 will be re-set back to zero and you lose those points. You can start earning points again on January 30, 2011. To avoid losing points, check your points balance in any Dick’s store and make a purchase that will bring your total above 300 (but not too far above!)

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Some of the additional benefits to this card include:

  • Announcements about product launches and sneak previews of new athletic wear, sporting gear and more
  • Friends and Family discounts
  • Free subscription to ScoreCard Rewards Insider News
  • Special Savings Events for members only

The Bottom Line


  • No annual fee
  • Easy to earn points
  • Log purchases online to get credit if you ever forget your card
  • Earn bonus rewards points with the Dick’s credit card or MasterCard
  • Additional benefits
  • Online account access


  • Rewards expire in January of every year
  • Cannot earn bonus points for online purchases
  • No sign-up bonuses

As a general rule of thumb, we usually recommend avoiding store branded credit cards altogether. If you want to earn rewards, most people will be better off applying for a general cash back card to use everyday. You can check out our Guide to the Top Cash Back cards by clicking here.


There’s a great thrill in opening your mailbox to find $10 off coupons for one of your favorite stores. And that’s exactly what can happen for athletic or outdoor types with a Dick’s Sporting Goods Rewards Card. Every $1 you spend in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store is worth 1 point. Earn 300 points, and get a $10 rewards certificate by mail.

Since the card is free, even if you only make occasional purchases at Dick’s Sporting Goods, it’s worthwhile.

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