Jobs for a Work From Home Mom: Balance the Boss and the Baby

If I ever find the person who invented the job search process…hey, wait, don’t run! I just want to talk…with my FISTS. To all the moms who worked in-person before: the post-pandemic era has given us one useful thing, and that is the permanence of work from home. Whether you’re single or married, college educated or not, have a toddler or a newborn, these five jobs can be an ideal balance of flexible, fulfilling, and financially stable for all you superstar work-from-home moms. 

1 Writer

Freelance, part-time, contract, full-time. There are many different ways work from home moms can get paid to write. Everyone is blogging these days; everyone is chasing “growth.” Marketing agencies, online magazines, professional blogs, video game creators—they’re always on the lookout for talented writers. If you’re freelance, part-time, or contract, you’re more likely to be able to set your own hours, and have full control over your schedule. But, you’ll get paid more if you’re full-time, and the chances of getting company-sponsored healthcare is greater with a full-time gig. To get started, you want to put together a portfolio of your work. Show off a little! What are some things you’ve written that you’re super proud of? If you have proof that you can write about highly technical subjects, or have a diverse body of work, the better your chances are. 

2 Graphic Designer

Do you like to draw? Are you a doodler? Or do you make the most beautiful presentations ever? The graphic design field is filled with college-educated and self-taught professionals alike. You don’t need to go to some fancy, over-expensive school to find a job as a designer. Tons of startups want to hire work from home designers to build their brand, whether it’s a logo or the look of their website. The marketing world is a big source of employment for graphic designers. Every time a company puts out a new product, they need a graphic designer on the marketing campaign team making sure it looks attractive and buyable to customers.  

3 Social media manager

Social media is a must for companies these days. If they’re not on socials, it’s almost like they don’t exist. Brands are forever searching for strategies and people to help them stand out in the digital crowd. A good social media manager can make or break a company’s success, which means it can be a high-paying job. You don’t need a degree to do this, but it does help to have a good following on your personal accounts to prove that you’re as good as you say you are. If you’ve got peak TikTok and Instagram game, and you like being on those apps, then a social media manager position might be the perfect fit for the work from home influencer mom. 

4 Online Tutor

Love teaching but don’t want to deal with administration, public school salaries, or the hordes of screaming children? Try tutoring. Because our education systems remain imperfect, there will always be students who fall through the cracks in the classroom and look for help outside of it. This is where you come in. Tutors offer students one-on-one attention, which almost always has a positive impact on grades and performance. Sites like Chegg, TutorMe, VIPKID, and are a starting point for many online tutors looking for work. Oh, and pro tip: during SAT season, make sure you’re visible on SAT-specialized tutoring sites. 

5 Translator

If you’re fluent in another language—or at least highly proficient—you can find work as a translator! With companies and entertainment going more international than ever, translation is a highly sought-after service. You could find yourself writing subtitles for Netflix or Disney, translating entire books, or consulting in meetings with the C-suite (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.). Websites like Gengo,, and Unbabel make it easy for freelance translators to connect with future clients. Build up your portfolio with freelance work, then take a stab at the big leagues! Or, if you’re the bold type, you can run straight at the corporate machine and throw those virtual office doors open. 

So what are you waiting for, moms? Polish up your LinkedIn, get online, and get going! You don’t have to choose between your baby and your boss anymore. Right now, your future is up to YOU.

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