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Dailywish.com Has Great Deals if You Move Fast

By Dawn Allcot / February 3, 2011
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American Express’s version of a “deal of the day” website, Dailywish.com, offers some very impressive deals. For instance, a preview of the February 8 sale has a $100 L.L. Bean gift card for $50! The next day’s sale is a Nintendo Wii & DSi XL, which retails for $199, at the discounted price of $119.00.

This is truly a value-added, exclusive perk for AMEX folks to use. You just sign up, including your AMEX card number, and you’re good to go. Any version of an AMEX card, except corporate and prepaid cards, is eligible. So for no cost and just spending some online time previewing and responding to sales, you can score some great stuff.


Consumers have many options in credit card choices. In this very competitive customer-retention climate, credit card companies need to come up with enticing programs that will keep customers happy.

So AMEX is smart to reward good consumer brand loyalty with a “members only” approach. With the steeply discounted offers, AMEX is also generating consistent card use. It’s hard to resist putting these deals on the card.

The companies offering the products are in a win-win position, too. They have a captive consumer group, which draws people to their sites.

The bet is that the customer may shop beyond the deal, generating even more sales. And with the limited quantity of deal items available, they aren’t going to lose money on the overall transaction.

How it Works:

Dailywish.com is similar in concept to the other consumer group-discount sites like Groupon.com and Livingsocial.com.

There’s a featured “deal of the day” offered on all three sites.

The difference with Dailywish.com is that instead of a deal, there are three “sales” each week. There are also daily ongoing offers from many vendors. Some deals are specific to your city or area and others are more general online shopping or travel sites.

On the day of a sale, the discounted sales are available in limited quantities and for a limited time.

You can sign up to receive “sales alerts” via email and text to know when the day’s deal starts.

The L.L. Bean gift card sale above is limited to 50 cards. Those will go fast, so with many respondents, you may lose out. In the offer, you can click on “Remind Me,” which takes you to a screen where you can select the upcoming sales days you in which you are interested.

The site also has sales on websites that you can shop anytime and quantities of those products are not limited.

Dailywish.com will reveal the sale times on the day of the sale. When it’s under way, you better be fast on the mouse to grab one! When your item comes up, you click “I want it.” You are then prompted to enter your card number.

You won’t be charged unless you’re one of the lucky ones who get the sale product.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that will direct you to the sale’s sponsor site where you can follow-up on your purchase, including tracking shipping.

There is a wide variety of items offered in the sales, including electronics, travel packages, jewelry, restaurant offers, clothes, exercise equipment and gift cards from many vendors.

Dailywish Pros:

  • Easy sign-up process
  • Helpful “how-to” video is a plus and goes beyond the usual FAQ
  • Amazing deals on great products
  • A perk for AMEX cardholders

Dailywish Cons:

  • You’re left out if you’re not an AMEX cardholder
  • The site is often very slow to load images of the products and websites of the participating companies
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