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Conoco Gas Credit Card – Worthless Rewards With $5 Gas?

By Kevin / March 12, 2012
Conoco Gas Credit Card - Worthless Rewards With $5 Gas?


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As you may have heard, some are predicting that gasoline prices will rise to $5 per gallon. This means that your wallet will be bleeding profusely if you drive frequently.

Luckily, there are gas cards out there to help ease the pain. Just about every gasoline provider offers credit cards nowadays, most of which come with rewards for your purchases. Conoco is no exception, as it offers the Conoco Personal card to people just like you.

With an anticipated spike in gasoline prices, will you make out well with this card or should you look elsewhere? Let’s find out!

With any credit card, upfront rewards can be a great way to sweeten the deal. Whether they come in the form of an upfront bonus or higher than normal rewards on purchases, they can help pad the financial blow to your wallet that daily life can bring. Gas cards are no exception, as any form of bonus is a welcome means of financial relief for Joe Driver.

So, are you salivating over the whopping upfront rewards that you may get with this card? Are you about to dial the last button on a call to your realtor to purchase that house in Hawaii? If so, you’re in for a big let down!

This card offers no upfront rewards. Some other cards don’t offer them, either, so it’s not like this is the only card on Earth that skimps on such offers. However, until recently, BP offered a 10 percent rebate on up to $500 in gasoline purchases over the first 60 days – a $50 value. Something like that would make the Conoco Personal card a much better deal than it is.

Is The Rewards Program Worth It?

The only purchase reward that comes with this card is a credit of 5 cents per gallon. If gas reaches $5 per gallon, that’s a whopping 1 percent in rewards. I can’t think of a credit card out there that offers less than that.

As you may expect, this card does not offer it’s reward of 5 cents per gallon at all gas stations. You’ll have to purchase your fuel from Phillips 66, Conoco or 76 stations.

Watch Out For The Minimum Quantity Requirement!

Want that 5 cents per gallon statement credit? If so, you’ll have to purchase at least 45 gallons of fuel during each billing cycle.

If you drive a vehicle that gets 25 miles per gallon, that means that you’ll have to drive approximately 280 miles each week to realize this benefit. That comes out to 56 miles per day for a 5 day work week – or 28 miles each way. That’s a longer distance than most people commute, meaning that you may end up falling short of the 45 gallon amount during some billing cycles. Sure, you may drive to the grocery store, mall, and so on once a week or so, but how far are they from your home?

Beware of Maximum Quantity Cap!

The statement credit of 5 cents per gallon is good for up to 110 gallons per month. That should do just fine for most of you.

If you are a road warrior, you may want to crunch the numbers to see if this will affect you. Going by the amount of days that an average person may work, you’d have to drive approximately 138 miles per day to use this amount of fuel during a billing cycle. If you don’t drive this much, then you should not have to think twice about the quantity limit.


Suppose that you spend $225 per month at gas stations over the summer – a 3 month period. Also, let’s say that the average gas price ends up being $5 per gallon this summer. Let’s see how the Conoco Personal card compares to another popular gas card – the Blue Cash Everyday card:

CardTotal Amount SpentTotal Gallons PurchasedTotal Statement Credits
Conoco Personal Card$675135$6.75
Blue Cash Everyday$675135$13.50

As we can see, the Blue Cash Everyday card will give you more money back than the Conoco Personal card on gas alone. It also offers plenty of other rewards that the Conoco Personal card doesn’t offer for your other spending needs. Additionally, it can be used at any gas station, giving you much more flexibility than the Conoco Personal card offers.

Finally, note that cutting back on your gasoline consumption due to high prices or some other reason could negate any possible rewards that you could receive with the Conoco Personal card, as consuming below 45 gallons during a billing cycle will disqualify you from earning rewards. The Blue Cash Everyday card has no such minimum.

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