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Chase Travel Plus Visa Card Review

By Kevin / November 14, 2008


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Verdict: The Chase TravelPlus Visa® Card is suitable for those interested in collecting from a great rewards program  that accumulates points quickly and can be redeemed for a variety of items.

It is also a good card for those wanting to take advantage of the introductory offer of 0% APR for twelve months. This provides valuable time to apply payments to balances, rather than interest rates – making a dent in credit card debt much quicker than traditional interest filled credit cards.


For customers seeking a card that includes a balance transfer 0% APR introduction rate, while collection valuable travel rewards points – look no further than this Visa card from the reputable Chase bank.

For those with good with credit ratings, this card is optimal as the interest rate is low, providing you have a good credit rating.

How This Card Works

For those avid travelers, you are able to earn double the base points – up to two points per dollar, compared to the one point per dollar which can be earned for the purchase of regular items.

Although there is a cap on the points that can be earned through the program at 5,000 per month, or 60,000 per year, the introductory rate makes the application worthwhile. This introductory special is available to new cardholders – making this the perfect time to pay down a costly credit with a switch to Chase, or make that purchase you have been eying, interest free for an entire year!

There is something to keep in mind when customers are considering making the balance transfer; miles are not earned through this method, as well as through cash advances or any other cash-like purchases.

Travel and Shopping Benefits

The rewards offered with the Chase TravelPlus Visa® Card allows the card holder to redeem for valuable airline tickets, hotels and car rentals.
In most of our habits, we spend increasing amounts of money while on vacation, well – this card allows you to earn double the points for money spent on travel reservations, car rentals and airline tickets.

You are given the chance to choose your own redemption from cash rewards, to gift cards, travel and merchandise.


The monthly balance is calculated through the average daily balance and offers the card hold a grace period of twenty days from the time of purchase before interest is calculated.

The interest rates for the Chase Travel Plus Visa are lower than other cards we have reviewed. Interest rates on purchases and balance transfers after the introductory period are prime plus 5.99% to prime plus 9.99%.

Cash advances taken from the credit card are subject to the daily interest rate of 15.99% and a cost of 3%, with a minimum charge of ten dollars. Smart credit card holders try to avoid taking cash advances from the credit card, as they can accumulate interest quickly and increase the balance.

Lower than many other credit cards, the over-limit fee comes in at $35.00. Other fees include late payment fees under $250.00 at $15.00, and $39.00 for balances that exceed $250.00.

The default rate for the card comes in at 23.99% APR! Don’t miss payments with this card; if you are, it is going to cost you!

When you read the fine print, you realize that there is indeed an annual fee for the program of $29.00 which is waived for the first year. Although the card advertises “no annual fee” this certainly sounds like a fee to me! This fee will be added to the balance of your account each year until the card holder opts out of the agreement.


•    0% APR for twelve months on purchases and balance transfers
•    The travel miles never expire
•    There are no blackout dates on travel
•    First year program fee of $29.00 is waived


•    There is a cap on the points that can be earned of 5,000/month, or 60,000/year
•    Annual Program fee is automatically added to balance of account on a yearly basis

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