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Cards for Good Credit

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If your credit score falls between 660 and 720, you’re in a pretty sweet spot — because that is the range for good credit.

People with good credit are eligible for more credit card offers, and those cards often have attractive rewards, lower annual fees, and lower APRs.

The credit card companies compete for consumers who have a proven history of handling their money and credit responsibly.

That’s why, when you search for cards for good credit, you can find many attractive incentives — such as cards with a 0% APR introductory period, or a fixed APR but no annual fee.

But there may also be expenses that you don’t notice at first, such as a hefty annual fee or even an origination fee.

A side-by-side comparison of the cards you qualify for can help you decide which card is best for your needs.

the right credit card to choose

Cards for good credit come with perks that can make your spending go further, as long as you keep your balance paid down.

Some cards might give you cash back on all purchases, and/or extra cash back on things like gas and grocery purchases.

For those who travel a lot, a credit card that rewards you in airline miles, discounts on hotel stays and other travel rewards.

The thing to remember is that the deals are only good as long as you keep your balance paid down — otherwise, you’ll be saving money on your travel plans or food purchases only to be charged much more in interest over time.

Ways to make sure your credit stays good

Finding The Right Credit Card

It’s easy to get approved for cards when you have good credit, but it’s also easy to get a false sense of security and use more credit as your limit goes up. Doing so would endanger your good credit score because it would give you a lower credit-to-debt ratio.

Also, the more debt you have, the worse off you will be if the unexpected occurs: getting laid off from your job, having an unexpected car repair or medical expense, or any of the other ways that “life happens!”

To keep your credit good while using credit cards, be sure to set all your credit card payments on Autopay so they are automatically paid on time each month.

It’s also a great idea to have an emergency savings account that you add to regularly (such as each month or each pay period) so you have money to handle those unexpected expenses without charging them on your credit cards.

The more responsibly you use your credit card (and savings, and the rest of your finances), the more peace of mind you’ll have. This is also the best way to get the most out of your credit cards for good credit and all their perks!

Applying for a card for good credit

cards for fair credit

At CreditShout, our partners offer plenty of cards for good credit so you have a lot to choose from. And our format allows you to see their details such as introductory offers, fees, rewards, features and APR at a glance.

Not sure if you have good credit? CreditShout can help you determine that, too.

If you’ve been working on improving your credit after making mistakes, finding out your credit score can tell you if you have a little more work to do if you want to apply for a card for good credit.

Or you might find out that you’re better off than you thought you were, credit-wise!

Shop with CreditShout and our partners for the best deals on credit cards for every credit rating.

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