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Cards for Excellent Credit

What Is A Good Interest Rate For A Credit Card?


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The credit cards our partners offer for excellent credit are for the “elite” among us — those who have a steady, ample source of income and have demonstrated remarkable responsibility in their financial lives.

People who have excellent credit are fortunate to have many different choices when it comes to the cards they carry.

The cards they are eligible for often have the lowest fees, lowest APRs, and best rewards and other perks.

In addition, credit cards for excellent credit usually come with some pretty impressive introductory offers, because the credit card companies are competing for these customers.

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A credit score of between 720 and 850 puts you in the “excellent credit” category. People with excellent credit also generally have a pretty comfortable income and years of responsible credit usage.

Less than 20% of the population of the US has a credit rating in the excellent range, so if you’re there, you’re in good company.

Not only does excellent credit allow you to qualify for a wider range of credit cards and loans, but there are other benefits besides:

  • You can get approved more easily for loans as well as credit cards.
  • You have more “bargaining power” if you don’t like the deal you’re offered.
  • Cards for excellent credit often come with much higher credit limits than cards for good, fair or bad credit.
  • People with good or excellent credit often even get better deals on car insurance and cell phone plans.

  • So if you have excellent credit, you have plenty of benefits beyond just bragging rights! But it’s important to use that enviable credit score wisely by choosing the right credit cards for your excellent credit rating.

    Some features to look for in cards for excellent credit

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    If you’ve had an excellent credit rating for a while, you probably receive a lot of credit card offers in the mail. As mentioned above, lenders love consumers like you!

    The cards geared toward those in your enviable position are usually gold and platinum credit card with a variety of perks.

    The rewards and benefits you might qualify for include cash rewards, airline miles, car rental discounts, and even discounts on cruises and other travel expenses.

    They might come with many other features besides, so it’s really worth it to take your time and find the best credit cards for excellent credit that actually fit your lifestyle.

    Selecting an excellent credit card with CreditShout

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    CreditShout simplifies the process of selecting an excellent credit card by listing our top picks from our partners.

    At a glance, you can see each card’s regular APR, annual fee, and any introductory offers the card has such as 0% APR or 0% on balance transfers for the first 12-15 months.

    Other perks might include a higher cash-back amount when you shop at certain stores, or use your card for gas or groceries.

    You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now, and you’ve been responsible enough to achieve an excellent credit score. Make the most of it and enjoy some incredible deals by choosing the right cards for excellent credit.

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