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Best iPhone Apps for Managing Your Credit Cards

By Kevin / November 19, 2009
Best iPhone Apps for Managing Your Credit Cards


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They say that there’s an app for everything on the iPhone, credit card and personal finance apps are no exception. I switched over to the iPhone about two years ago and since then I’ve never looked back. I love everything about my iPhone and find myself wasting more time then I would like to trying out new apps, but in retrospect it’s definiatly made many things more convenient including managing my finances.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of personal finance apps so finding the good ones can be difficult, especially with the way that the current apps store is setup. Here are some credit card apps that I use and have found to be the best out of the bunch I’ve tested so far.

1. Personal Assistant

using your iPhone to manage credit card balances

This is my favorite app when it comes to checking my credit card balances and managing my finances on my iPhone. As you can probably tell by the name, Personal Assistant allows you to add all different types of accounts and keep track of them in one place. When I say all different types of accounts, I really mean it – You can add your credit card accounts, bank accounts, even your comcast account to track your current cable bill, and your Netflix account to keep track of your movie queue.

When using Personal Assistant to track your credit cards you can see current balances as well as your transaction history and credit limit for each account. If you’re using an airline card you can also keep track of your frequent flier miles.

Personal Assistant also allows you to set up alerts which notify you of important changes that occur with specific accounts. Although you can’t pay your bills with this app it gives you a great overview of all of your accounts in one place, eliminating the need for a different app to keep track of each one. There is a free version of Personal Assistant that is ad supported, however the paid version which is $6.99 gives you more detailed account info and is ad free.

Editor’s Note: Since this article as published, Personal Assistant was purchased by Intuit, the makers of

2. DebtTracker Pro

managing personal finances from a mobile phone

This app allows you to keep track of your debt, including credit card debt and helps you to develop a payment plan for that debt. What I like about DebtTracker Pro is how it simplifies creating a repayment strategy and gives you a recommended payment amount each month. The downside to DebtTracker is that unlike Personal Assistant, it doesn’t automatically pull in your accounts so you need to add your current balances in manually.

When you create a repayment plan with DebtTracker Pro it uses Dave Ramsey’s snowball system which seems to have worked really well for a lot of people out there. DebtTracker Pro is currently $1.99 but there is also a free Lite version available.

3. SplashMoney

splashmoney2 and to manage credit card debt

With SplashMoney you enter in your information for various credit card and bank accounts and the app automatically pulls all of your finances into one place. Although this app sounds similar to Personal Assistant at first, SplashMoney allows you to setup a budget and gives you the option of creating “” like graphs and reports that giving you a great overview of your spending over the course of a month. This is a great app for people who are more visual and like to see an overview of their finances using charts and graphics instead of just a table of numbers like with DebtTracker.

SplashMoney also has a desktop application (which has a 30 day free trial) that you can sync the data in your iPhone app with, so that you can keep track of the budget you create on both your PC and iPhone simultaneously.

Which Credit App is the Best?

Honestly I think that all three of these apps have their strong points, and each app has a different purpose overall. Personal Assistant is focused on giving you an overview of all of your accounts, including but not limited to financial accounts. DebtTracker on the other hand just focuses on finances and the repayment of your current debt. SplashMoney is more of a budgeting app and can give you a great idea of your overall spending each month. My personal favorite of the three as I said before is Personal Assistant but that’s probably because I’m not trying to pay off a lot of debt, and don’t really need the budgeting functionality of SplashMoney every day.

If you know of any other great apps that you use to manage your credit cards or personal finances be sure to leave a comment below!

Update for 2015

We now recommend for managing your budget and credit cards. It offers top notch service for free, and allows users to access their information over the web or via desktop and mobile applications.

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