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Balance Transfer Options for Credit Card Consolidation

By Kevin / December 11, 2008
Balance Transfer Options for Credit Card Consolidation


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In today’s society, there are many people that feel overwhelmed with debt and carry entirely too many credit cards with high balances. Our economy doesn’t look all that promising for the moment either. So it seems that consumers are stuck not knowing how to recover from being in so much debt.

A good alternative to hanging onto all of the high interest, high balance credit cards is to consolidate the debts into one or two low interest rate credit cards. There are some credit cards that offer zero percent interest rate with no annual fees that would be very beneficial in switching.

In order to take advantage of these types of balance transfer credit cards, it is important for you to realize all that will be at stake.

You will definitely benefit from doing so. However, pay close attention to the fine details of the new debt that you will be creating. Most credit cards that offer balance transfers at no cost have a limited amount of time before there will be charges incurred.

There may be a six or twelve month period that they will allow you to transfer any balances before they start charging fees. An example is when the credit card offer has an introductory period of twelve months for purchases and six months on balance transfers. If you only have six months to repay the balance before being charged higher fees, then be sure that you concentrate on getting them paid.

Another vital factor to consider is the introductory period that is being promoted for a low or zero interest rate.

There is a reason that they call it an introductory period. This is because it will only last for a certain length of time. When the time period expires, you will have to be prepared to pay an extensive amount additional with the higher interest rates that you will be charged.

The best plan of action is to try to get this card paid down as far as you can before the time limit is up or you might be in the same sinking boat that you were in previously.

In theory, these types of credit cards that offer a balance transfer option for little charge and fee, are an excellent way to get back to a point that your debts can be handled. It will, basically, give you an opportunity to make a fresh financial start and let you catch your breath from all of those statements and bills in your mailbox.

Now that you are aware of the time frame that you will be working with, it will be imperative that you work diligently towards becoming debt free.

Try not to let the balance transfer credit cards be just another lost effort on your part for cleaning out your debts. Pay as much on them per month that you possibly can and at the end of the six or twelve month introductory period you should be on better financial ground.

So, the bottom line and the most important thing to remember when consolidating your cards with a balance transfer is to read all of the small print and be prepared to work quickly to pay the debt off. If you do not, you could be facing more debt than you even had to begin with.

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