Babies R Us Rewards Card Review

Verdict: It takes time to accrue valuable rewards (like free diapers, formula or $5 coupons!) through the Babies R Us Rewards card program, but the card is free and can really pay off for new parents. A lot of perks make it worthwhile but the program is a bit confusing and there is some red-tape. They really could make it more user-friendly for customers by getting rid of “promotional periods” and just letting people shop and earn.

Overview: The Babies R Us rewards card is a free program that lets you earn free items and $5 coupons you can use at Babies R Us or Toys R Us. If you are the type of parent who buys things like diapers and formula in bulk, you’ll save a lot of money with this program.

A word of caution: The prices at Babies R Us tend to be higher than other stores that sell baby products, although their selection is also larger. I recently found a a Baby Trend brand double stroller $30 cheaper at Wal-Mart, and it was a better model than the one at Babies R Us.

Babies R Us also does not offer any bonus points — as a rule — when you shop the store online through major credit card or rewards shopping portals like Chase Ultimate Freedom Mall or Market America. This is a big negative since I can earn 2 – 10 X bonus rewards by shopping other retailers. The Babies R Us rewards don’t make up for the price differences or cash back rewards.

How this Card Works: Simply sign up for a card online or in the store. After you have your card, make sure to register it online to take advantage of all the deals, perks, benefits and coupons delivered via email. Carry the card on your keys, because you don’t want to forget it.

Babies R Us can look up your card number using your telephone number or email — in theory. Every time I have done this, they haven’t been able to find me in the computer. With Babies R Us being a chain store, customer service is spotty depending on the region. If you ask a cashier to look up your card, you may be treated to an eye roll, a sigh, or an attitude — at least, that’s been my experience.

You are permitted to request three “retro credits” during a standard nine-month promotional period between February 1 and October 31. You must request credits within 15 days of the end of the promotional period. Purchases made more than two weeks after the promotional period are not accepted.

Once you have your card, start shopping and let the free stuff start rolling in (more or less.)

About the Promotional Periods: This is where it gets confusing. Babies R Us divides the year into promotional periods. You are permitted to earn one free item in each category, and up to $60 in “R Us” bucks during each promotional period. The current period ends February 30. At that time, your earnings will be re-set to zero to await the start of the next promotional period.

Every time you spend $150 with your Babies R Us rewards card, you’ll receive a $5 coupon off your next purchase. You can earn up to $20 per month. If you’re having a new baby, you can easily max out these rewards in one month, since that’s only $600 in purchases. You also get credit when anyone who shops off your baby registry, as long as your registry is linked to your card.

There are a lot of other deals, available, too, but you need to buy massive quantities (which many parents do!) to take advantage of the deals. Here are the promotions going on now:

  • Buy 9 cases of Enfamil formula, get one free
  • Buy 9 cases of Huggies Value Pack diapers, get one free
  • Buy 9 cases of Gerber formula, get one free
  • Buy 9 cases of Pampers Value Pack diapers, get one free
  • Buy 9 cases of Similac formula, get one free
  • Buy 9 cases of Babies R Us formula, get one free
  • Buy 4 LeapFrog books, get one free
  • Buy 5 cards from American Greetings, get one free

You are only permitted one free product of each brand/type per promotional period, which limits your savings if you are brand loyal. (And most parents don’t switch brands of diapers or formula).

Babies R Us also offers additional benefits to rewards members, including Hassle-Free returns as long as your card was swiped at time of purchase, special email coupons and promotional sale days just for members. Again, make sure to compare prices because even with coupons Babies R Us may not offer the lowest prices.


  • Earn free necessities for your baby, like formula and diapers!
  • Get $5 in “R Us” bucks for every $150 you spend
  • Special coupons, deals and shopping days for members only
  • Returns without a receipt when you use your card
  • Baby registry purchases by family and friends can count toward your rewards


  • Promotional periods are confusing
  • Must buy mass quantities to earn free merchandise
  • Limit to the “R Us” Bucks you can earn
  • Babies R’ Us prices may be higher than competitors
  • Babies R’ Us does not offer bonus points through credit cards or shopping portals, again limiting your potential savings

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