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American Express eGift Card Review

By Kevin / September 15, 2011
American Express eGift Card Review


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Looking for a last minute gift idea? Tired of racking your brain to figure out the perfect present for that special someone who already has everything? Want to send some cash to a friend or relative in need? The you should consider the American Express eGift Card.


The American Express e-Gift Card is a good option for those who wish to give a relatively modest gift amount. It offers delivery to the recipient within minutes and does not add a piece of plastic to his or her wallet. Also, it’s fees are lower than it’s plastic counterparts.

This card does have some limitations. One is that it is useless in brick-and-mortar stores. Another is that the maximum amount available is $200. So, if you’re hoping to give someone enough to purchase their books for the semester or a new set of furniture, this card may not be the best to go with. Also, someone who is not a fan of Internet shopping is not the best person to buy this for. However, it may be the perfect gift for someone who loves shopping online, so consider the recipient before purchasing or passing on this card.

How This Card Works

Interested buyers can visit the American Express website and purchase this gift card for whomever they choose. The purchase can be made via traditional methods of online payment (credit card, etc.) or by using Membership Rewards points.

The eGift Card will be sent as a PDF file to the recipient within minutes after it is purchased. This file will show the details of the eGift Card, including the amount it is good for, the card number and a personal message from you. The recipient must then activate the card via a link that will be sent with the email. Note that the recipient will not receive a physical card to go along with this, making this usable for online and phone purchases only.

As for the amounts that the card can be purchased in, it ranges between $25 and $200. There is a 1 card per order limit, so $200 is the most you’ll be able to get in a single order. Also, it is important to note that this card is not available for purchase to residents of Hawaii or Vermont.


This card allows an almost-instant delivery to the recipient. So, if time is of the essence, your recipient will have it a few minutes after purchase. Unless you are standing side-by-side with your intended recipient or live with him or her, chances are that a last-minute gift card purchase for that special someone isn’t going to get there on time without a hassle. Also, you won’t have to wait in any long lines for that last-minute gift card purchase, so it’s a win-win in that regard.

Additionally, by ordering a eGift Card, you’ll spend a few dollars less on fees. You won’t have to pay for shipping or the fuel used to get to a store and buy a gift card.


The American Express eGift Card costs $2.95.

American Express Gift Card vs eGift Card

The standard, plastic version of the American Express gift card comes with higher fees than the American Express eGift card. It costs $3.95 to order it online and the standard shipping option (USPS First Class Mail) costs $5.95. That comes out to $6.95 extra in fees.

Whether those extra fees are worth it or not depends on the situation. If the recipient prefers to shop at physical stores (instead of online or over the phone), then the fees will be worth it. The eGift Card will not do such a person any good at such stores. Additionally, if you would like to give the recipient more than $200, then go with the standard version. The standard version allows for up to $3,000.

If the recipient prefers to shop online or over the phone and the gift amount is to be $200 or less, then go with the eGift Card. It’s fees are lower and the recipient will have it within minutes after the purchase. No driving to the store and waiting in long lines or waiting a few days for the USPS to deliver it will be necessary if you go this route.

Bottom Line


  • Relatively inexpensive fee
  • Speedy delivery to the recipient
  • One less piece of plastic for the recipient’s wallet
  • Membership Rewards points may be used to purchase this card
  • Business gift cards are also available


  • American Express will not ship an e-gift card to Hawaii or Vermont
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