Using Business Credit Cards to Help Start a Small Business

American Express Business Membership Rewards

Do you think it would impress a large client if you sent them a brand-new laptop computer as a thank you for their business? The American Express Business Membership Rewards program lets you do just that — and economically, too!

American Express has always been generous with it’s rewards programs, and their business program is one of the best, with a lot of perks on top of rewards points.

Keep in mind, these cards are probably not the best rewards cards for very small businesses or start-ups. You’ll need expenses in the thousands per month to really rake in the rewards and make up for the annual fees. But if you have a few employees and process your payroll using your American Express charge card, you’ll see that the annual fee really pays off quickly.

In keeping with the American Express philosophy of customization, simplicity and value in the rewards program, the American Express business cards have multiple options to earn and redeem rewards. Many of the program’s features are the same as with American Express consumer charge cards.

Earning Points with an American Express Business Card

American Express offers three ways to earn points with any of the business rewards cards.

  • 1 point for every dollar you spend
  • Double points when you book travel online with American Express Travel
  • Earn 3X or 4X points through the Bonus Points Mall

Cashing in Points

You can cash in points in a number of ways, all listed at the Membership Rewards Portal.
Some of the categories you’ll find rewards include:

  • Travel
  • Dining & Entertainment, including concerts, movies, online games, and special experiences and events
  • Merchandise in nearly every category you can imagine
  • Gift cards from a variety of popular retailers

Pay with points for travel through the American Express travel portal, and also earn extra points when you pay with your American Express card. You can then cash in points for gift cards or merchandise through the American Express Rewards website, or at, a new program from American Express. This shopping portal helps you find the best prices, whether you decide to pay with your American Express card or your points.

Bonus Points Mall

With so many ways to cash in points, you’ll want to find more ways to earn them, too. The Bonus Points Mall lets you do just that, by shopping through the portal at a number of popular retailers. Getting pre-approved for an American Express credit card is simple and easy.

Amex Rewards Charge Cards

Cards in the Amex Business Membership Rewards program include:

Earn Bonus Points When You Use Your Card Regularly

American Express is offering a number of special programs right now that let users earn additional bonus points:

  • Business Platinum Card – Earn 5,000 points every month you spend $10,000, now through February 2011.
  • Business Gold Rewards Card – Earn 25,000 points if you spend $50,000 in a calendar year
  • Business Green Rewards Card – Earn 5,000 bonus points with your first purchase
  • Business Membership Rewards Card – Earn 15,000 bonus points your first year and 10,000 bonus points each year after that.

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