American Eagle Rewards Card Review

American Eagle Rewards Card Review

Want a shot at receiving 40% off of a $500 purchase? That’s quite a discount! An American Eagle Outfitters Rewards Card offers customers really respectable percentages off. If you rack up enough rewards points, you will get 15%, 20%, 30% or even 40% off of one purchase.

The way this rewards card works is that you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. Every three-month period, your points are totaled and you get your rewards. The card is free, so even if you aren’t a frequent shopper, you’ll still collect points to make signing up worth it.


This rewards card also offers some nice extra perks:

  • You get 15% off on your birthday when you give the company your email address.
  • Free aerie bras – buy 4 and get the fifth free!
  • There’s no cost for the card

In addition to American Eagle Outfitters, it can be used at the other the American Eagle Company (AE “All-Access Pass”) stores – aerie (“A-List”) and 77KIDS (77kids kidcard).

How the Card Works

The American Eagle Rewards card is more straightforward than the company’s credit card rewards program, which we reviewed here.

With the rewards card, you receive one point for every dollar you spend at any of the three American Eagle brand stores. Not only do in-store purchases count, but an online or phone order also goes towards your point total. At the end of the three-month earning period, you automatically receive a reward for each brand you shopped based on the number of points you’ve earned.

There are set earning periods, which occur every calendar quarter:

  • January 1 – March 31
  • April 1 – June 30
  • July 1 – September 30
  • October 1- December 31

Watch out though: If you have any additional points at the end of the earning period, they don’t roll over to the next period, they expire and your balance is reset to zero.

If you happen to forget your rewards card when you make our purchase, you can still get them by going online. You go to the Get Points page and enter your receipt information or you can call AEREWARDS$ Customer Service at 1-800-340-0532 and the points will be added to your total. Just be sure to request your points by the end of the earning period so you don’t miss out.

Signing up for the rewards program is simple. Do it in person at an American Eagle or aerie store or online at, or to get started. You can easily check your reward point progress online.

After registering online at any of the three store sites, you have instant access to all of your account information. You can review all your account activity, program details and personal profile information.

It takes 24 to 48 hours to see your purchases posted to the site. So save your receipt in case you don’t see your purchase posted after 72 hours. You can then provide purchase information from your receipt to get all your points.

There are some nice additional perks for rewards card members:

  • You’ll be notified of sales, events and contests that are just for members.
  • If you join the “Birdday” club at 77KIDS, you get a present at the store on your birthday.

Our Verdict

You can earn big discounts by using this store card at American Eagle Outfitters and their subsidiary brands – up to 40% off, in fact. It is hard to pass up those kind of savings.


  • The rewards card is free
  • 15% off your purchase on your birthday
  • Free bra when you buy 4 at aerie
  • Special events and sales just for members
  • Even if you forget your card when you make a purchase, you can sign online to claim your points


  • Points don’t roll over after earning period
  • Only 3 membership accounts per household
  • You must have at least 100 points per earning period to get a reward

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