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Amazon Prime Review: Here’s How To Get it For Free

By Kevin / July 26, 2012
Amazon Prime Review: Here's How To Get it For Free


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Amazon has offered Prime membership for some time, although many people are unaware of the benefits aside from free two-day shipping. Membership to Amazon Prime also includes streaming of TV shows and movies, instant access to Kindle Books and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Still, a one-year membership costs $99. Is this cost worth the benefits or are you better off skipping Prime membership?

Before we get into our review, lets take a look at how you can get Amazon Prime for free.

There are Three Ways To Get Amazon Prime For Free:

Everyone knows that Amazon Prime is great, and well worth the annual fee.

But if you are pinching pennies, you may want to find out how to get Prime for free.

#1 When you sign up for Prime online you’ll get a full year of membership which automatically renews on the anniversary date unless you turn off automatic renewal.

#2 Students are eligible for free Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits through Amazon Student.Amazon Prime deliveries

#3 Unfortunately, Prime membership is not included with the Amazon Rewards Visa, and, according to a representative from Amazon, reward points CANNOT be applied to Prime membership.

Important: One membership allows you to add up to 4 additional “household” members to share your membership and enjoy the same shipping benefits. However Prime will work for anyone you decided to add, regardless of if they actually live at your address.


What’s Included With Prime?

Along with free two-day shipping on nearly everything Amazon sells, you also gain access to streaming service similar to Netflix, although the selection isn’t quite as great. Your membership also includes one free borrowed e-book from the Kindle library once per month. The lending library currently has around 5,000 titles.

  • Prime membership is $79 per year
  • Free two-day shipping on most items on
  • Shipping can be upgraded to Overnight for only $4 per item
  • Prime includes streaming service comparable to Netflix and Hulu
  • Prime membership includes 1 free borrowed book per month from the Kindle Lending Library

There are some limitations with Amazon Prime…

Kindle Lending Library has only 5,000 titles, and you’re limited to 1 free borrowed book per month. Not all items on are eligble for free two-day shipping through Prime, such as those offered by third-party sellers. Still, the vast majority of items are Prime-eligible.

The streaming interface is confusing and poorly designed and content is limited compared to Netflix and Hulu.

Streaming Wars: Amazon Prime vs Netflix vs iTunes vs Hulu

Because Amazon Prime membership includes streaming service, you may compare it to Netflix and Hulu as well. So, how does it stack up?

With a $99 annual membership, you pay only $8.29 per month compared to the minimum monthly fee of $9.99 from Hulu and Netflix.

The content selection is definitely less than both video streaming services, although you may find their selection of movies is far better than both Netflix and Hulu. It really comes down to whether you prefer movies or TV shows from your streaming service.

Amazon Prime is definitely a great deal if you shop at a great deal and want to take advantage of the free two-day shipping.

While the streaming service isn’t exactly up to par with Netflix or Hulu (yet!), it’s still a great deal considering Prime membership only costs less than $9 per month.

The free borrowed book per month is also a $120 value, as most e-books cost $9.99 each. Overall, Prime membership is worth the price, although it’s a shame they don’t offer a monthly payment plan.

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