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6 Hidden Perks for Citi Cardholders

By Dan Rafter / February 9, 2011


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The chance to buy tickets to that Lady Gaga show before any of your friends can. Free car rental insurance. The ability to return that flat-screen TV you shouldn’t have bought even if the retailer from whom you purchased it doesn’t want to take it back.

These are some of the perks that the holders of Citibank credit cards can tap into.

Like most issuers of credit cards, Citibank provides several largely ignored perks with its cards. If you want to get the most out of your Citi card, make sure to read the fine print that comes with your cardholder agreement. You might discover that Citi will reimburse you for those new Bermuda shorts you had to buy when your airline accidentally shipped your luggage to Texas even though you were flying into Orlando.

First Crack at Hot Shows: Citi’s Private Pass feature allows you to purchase seats at the hottest concerts and sporting events before the rest of the public has a chance to nab them. You’ll still have to pay the hefty fees charged by ticket giant Ticketmaster, but at least you’ll have a better chance of earning tickets to that popular Lil Wayne concert.

Lost Luggage Insurance: If your airline loses your luggage, Citi will reimburse you for the cost of replacing your lost clothing and the suitcases that held it. Just don’t get carried away: Citi will only reimburse you a maximum of $3,000.

Car Rental Insurance: Like most credit card issuers, Citi will provide you with free insurance coverage when you rent a car. This insurance will cover any damages that your primary auto insurance won’t should you get into an accident with your rental car. There’s no need, then, to purchase additional insurance from the rental agency itself.

Purchase Protection: We’ve all done it: We’ve purchased a pricey stereo system that turned out to be too big for our recreation room. Or we bought expensive carpeting that, it turns out, clashed with the wall colors of our living room. Most times, we simply return these items? But what if the retailer that sold it to you doesn’t want to take the item back? If you hold a Citi card, you can rely on its purchase protection program. With this program, you’ll be able to return items — as long as you have the receipt — that retailers won’t take back. Different Citi cards have different limits for how many dollars worth of items that you can return in a given year.

Travel Accident Insurance: No one wants to suffer an accident while on vacation. But with Citi, you’ll be covered. Citi cards come with complimentary travel accident insurance.

PaymentAid: If you suffer an unexpected loss of income — something that’s far too common in today’s weak economy — Citi will credit your account an amount equal to your the minimum required payment if you sign up for the company’s PaymentAid program. This program will provide this financial protection if you suffer a job loss, short-term disability or hospital stay. You can take advantage of this program for free for 30 days. After that, you’ll pay 87 cents for every $100 of your new balance each month.

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