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5 Online Tools To Help Manage Your Airline Miles

5 Online Tools To Help Manage Your Airline Miles


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It’s easier than ever to rack up free airline miles, especially for those consumers who give their credit cards a good work out every month.

The miles-card market is a crowded one. A growing number of credit cards allow consumers to earn free airline miles with every purchase that they charge. Some cards even provide consumers with thousand of bonus miles just for making their initial charge.

But what good are all these free miles if consumers accidentally let them expire before they use them?

That’s the danger with airline mile credit cards: It may be easy to earn airline miles, but it’s just as easy to let them expire, unused.

Fortunately, there are a host of online tools that allow consumers to better manage their airline miles. With these tools, cardholders can organize their miles by their expiration dates. They can then cash in those miles that are closed to disappearing.

Those consumers who are struggling to keep track of their ever-increasing number of free flight miles should explore the many options they have for online miles-management tools. With a bit of help, these consumers might find that they’re cashing in, not just earning, more miles than ever.

1. GoMilles.com

This free site allows visitors to instantly see all the airline miles they’ve earned from multiple credit card accounts. Visitors can elect to see their rewards as either “points” or “miles,” whichever they prefer. Signing up is easy; visitors have to enter their name and e-mail address, and set up a password.

2. MileBlaster

mileBlaster is a veteran player in this field. It’s not free, but at $6.99 a year, it’s inexpensive. In addition to letting visitors track their miles, this site will send members e-mail alerts when they have miles that are due to expire soon. Visually, this site is easy on the eyes: It includes easy-to-decipher status bars that will show members how close they are to earning a free flight on any airline.

3. Traxo

Traxo is another free entry in this field. Like the other sites, Traxo will show you how many free miles you have, how many rewards points you currently have and how close you are to earning a free airline ticket. The site also allows visitors to quickly determine which miles are getting close to expiring.

4. MileageManager

MileageManager is relatively expensive when it comes to miles-managing sites, charging $14.95 a year. In addition to standard miles-managing features, this site can be programmed to monitor specific airline flights for consumers. If a rewards seat becomes available, the site will send an e-mail message to the subscriber.

5. UnsingMiles.com

UsingMiles also offers a free mileage manager program. Like the others, it tracks your miles, points and expiration dates. Or you can upgrade to a “premier membership” for $29.99 per year. The upgraded membership provides you with alerts when programs or deals are going to expire, notice of special bonus awards from your loyalty programs. and lets you search your loyalty programs for award seat and hotel room availability.

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