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5 Money Saving Perks That Every Chase Cardholder Should Be Taking Advantage Of

By Dawn Allcot / November 4, 2016
5 Money Saving Perks That Every Chase Cardholder Should Take Advantage Of


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Do you like saving money? Of course. But do you think of Chase when looking for ways to help you save? If not, you may want to look into the money saving perks Chase offers its cardholders.

I bank at Chase. But I never really thought they could help me save money. I liked their credit card rewards. But never looked deeper than that into other perks they offer.

If you asked my two-year-old daughter about her favorite perk for Chase cardholders, she'd say, “Free lollipops.” But once you get to be over the age of 5 or so, you want something more in terms of perks from your bank and credit card company.

I wouldn't hesitate to list the friendly service at our local Chase branch as one of the perks.

It really does have the service of a smaller bank, along with the reputation and stability of one of the largest banks in the U.S. But I know from shopping at other branches in the area that this isn't the case at every Chase bank.

Here are my top five unknown perks that I think every Chase cardholder should take advantage of:

1. Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal and 20% Cashback

I've been a Chase rewards cardholder for a long time, and just discovered the wonder of the Ultimate Rewards Shopping recently, so I think this qualifies as a “relatively unknown” perk for Chase credit cardholders.

The best part? You can earn up to 20% cash back on some purchases through the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal.

2. Full Pay With Chase Blueprint

Once you understand how it works, you can save a lot of money in interest each month by signing up for and using “Full Pay” with Blueprint.

With most credit cards, you have to pay interest on your balance unless you pay in full within the grace period. With Blueprint's Full Pay, you can select specific categories of purchases, and as long as you pay off your purchases in those categories in full, you won't pay interest in those categories.

This is great if you carry a balance on your card but also use it for everyday purchases like gas and groceries, that you pay off in full each month.

Select categories that coincide with the bonus rewards categories, and you'll earn extra points AND skip the interest.

Note: You can read our full review of the Chase Blueprint Program here. If you carry any one of the following cards, you automatically have access to the Blueprint tools - All Chase Business Cards, Chase Freedom, Chase Platinum, Chase Sapphire and Slate from Chase.

3. Chase Bill Manager

Did you know you can easily pay your bills for a number of service providers and utility companies -- and even your state taxes -- online with your Chase debit or credit card?

Me neither -- until I started researching this article.

This is an easy way to pay your monthly bills with no fees and rack up the rewards points. Search for company types -- from auto loans to Web hosting -- on the drop down menu, and then find your provider. Set up a one-time or recurring payment for whatever date you want, and never miss a payment or pay fees.

4. Chase QuickPay

Designed as a person-to-person money transfer service, similar to Paypal but without any fees, Chase Quick Pay lets you send money from one person to another -- as long as one of the accounts in the transaction is a Chase checking account.

So if you have a Chase checking account you can send money to a friend with another type of account. And if you don't have a Chase checking account, you can receive money from a friend who does.

Right now, this service only works for Chase checking customers, not people who only have a Chase credit card. We can hope they expand the service in the future, though.

5. Special Discounts that Fit Your Lifestyle

Chase offers a number of rewards credit cards designed to fit cardholders' interests and lifestyle.

By far, one of the most fun credit cards to have is the Disney Rewards credit card from Chase.

You'll get discounts on Disney theme park tickets and in the store. Fund your summer vacation with 0% financing for six months on Disney vacation packages, too, making this the perfect card for Disney fans and traveling families.

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