2016 Cash Back Calendar for Citi Dividend Card

2024 Cash Back Calendar for Citi Dividend Card

CitiCards once offered the Citi Dividend card – a rotating rewards cash back card that included a version specifically for college students. While these cards are not currently open to new customers, they still exist. And CitiBank just announced the 2016 cash back calendar for the Citi Dividend cards.

If you still have one of these cards in your wallet, here is that you need to know to sign up for your 5% bonus rewards categories in 2016.

Where to Sign Up

To sign up each quarter for your bonus cash back dividends, you need to visit dividend.quarterlyoffer.citi.com.

As with most of the rotating rewards cards, you will need to remember to sign up each calendar quarter to take advantage of their bonus categories. Thankfully, most issuers also send you reminder emails to do just that.

Where to Earn 5% Cash Back in 2016

January, February, and March

  • 5% Back at The Home Depot and Home Furnishing Stores
  • Sign-up begins 12/15/2015

April, May, and June

  • 5% Back at Drug Stores and Fitness Clubs
  • Sign-up begins 3/15/2016

July, August, and September

  • 5% Back at Hilton Hotels and Car Rentals
  • Sign-up begins 6/15/2016

October, November, December

  • 5% Back at Best Buy and Department Stores
  • Sign-up begins 9/15/2016

Other Rotating Rewards Cards

One of the limitations with the Citi Dividend credit cards is that it capped its the cash back rewards to $300 per year. So, if you still have this card, like rotating rewards, and know you can earn more cash back based on your spending, you might want to check out:

And one nice thing about changing your cash back credit card in 2016 is that you will also be able to take advantage of sign up offers for new customers.

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