How does American Express TravelAssure work, and what does it protect?

How Does American Express TravelAssure Work?

Q: How does American Express TravelAssure work, and what does it protect?

A: When you take advantage of American Express TravelAssure, you are covered for a number of things, including:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance;
  • Baggage protection;
  • Trip delay; and
  • Flight insurance.

The coverage costs $28.95 for each person who is covered, on each trip that is covered.
If for some reason the Card member cannot travel for a reason that is covered by TravelAssure, each person receives up to $500.
TravelAssure also covers baggage loss or damage, for an amount up to $1,500. This includes damage or loss to electronics, as well as coverage for theft of belongings from a hotel room.
If your baggage is delayed for three or more hours you will be covered for up to $500. In addition, if you must stay an additional two days, you will receive up to $250 per day to use for lodging, meals, and other essential expenses.

Compared to TravelAssure Classic

There is also a $19.95 TravelAssure Classic coverage plan.
This cheaper plan pays up to $400 to each covered person if the Card member cannot travel because of a reason that was covered under the plan. Lost or damaged baggage coverage is up to $1,000; and delayed baggage coverage is up to $500.
There are other benefits available as well under both TravelAssure and TravelAssure Classic. Once you have familiarized yourself with all of them, you can decide which one is right for you.
To learn more, check out the Amex TravelAssurance website by clicking here.

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