how does american express flight insurance work

How Does American Express Flight Insurance Work?

Q: How does American Express flight insurance work? How do I get this coverage?
A: American Express Flight Insurance offers coverage for accidental death and dismemberment caused by incidents that occur during an airplane flight, as well as other benefits. You or your survivors can receive up to $2,000,000.
In order to obtain American Express Flight Insurance, you pay a premium when you have confirmed your flight schedule and purchase your airline ticket using your American Express Card. You must have enrolled in the benefits programs offered for the card; however, once this is accomplished, the coverage is automatic; you don’t have to complete additional paperwork.
You should know that American Express Flight Insurance is not available in all states. You will need to check to see if your state is one that does allow participation in this insurance program.
There is no charge to enroll, and premiums start at as low as $4.99 for each covered person on each covered trip. New York residents’ premiums start at as low as $4.50 per covered person/covered trip. The premium will not be charged to your car until you have used it to purchase scheduled airline tickets. Billing for this will stop when your enrollment is terminated.
It is possible to enroll for as much as $3,000,000 in coverage. If you wish to purchase this higher amount, you simply call the number on the back of your American Express card.

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