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JC Penney Card Review

By Kevin / March 20, 2009
JC Penney Card Review


This card is only useful if you are a frequent shopper at JCPenney as it gives rewards such as discounts to card members. The APR is very high so make sure you pay your balance every month.


This card is accepted at JCPenney, CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacies.

Being a card member means you’ll receive special discounts at JCPenney stores throughout the year, in addition to being mailed extra savings certificates to use. There are three levels of membership: standard, gold, and platinum.

Approval to higher levels of membership mean having a better credit history. This card is best for people that shop often at JCPenney stores because otherwise there is no benefit to membership.

How This Card Works:

The JCPenny Card is a store card good only at JCPenney, as well as CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies. The standard card has a high APR with good rewards and benefits for frequent JCPenny shoppers, while the gold and platinum have better rewards.

Rewards include special discounts at JCPenney stores throughout the year.

If approved for the regular JCPenney card you can expect special savings, fraud protection, online account management, no annual fee, and a low monthly payment, as well as acceptance at CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacies.

If you’re approved for the Gold JCPenney card you also receive priority customer service, special financing opportunies throughout the year, a savings certificate, a birthday savings certificate, and the ability to choose your own monthly due date.

With approval of the Platinum JCPenney card, all these apply as well as ID theft protection, catalog and internet shipping discount events, and the privilege financing events are extended three months.

Travel and Shopping Benefits:

The JCPenney credit card offers special savings throughout the year, usually a set discount on everything you purchase with the card during a visit.

Gold card holders receive birthday certificates good toward a discount while platinum members receive shipping offers on online and catalog purchases.

Platinum members also receive special shipping evente during the year on catalog and internet purchases, as well as financing events that are extended three months past what gold card members receive.


The APR for the JCPenney credit card is 22.85% with a default rate of 26.99%.

There is a 23 day grace period on purchases but only if the balance is paid in full and there is no previous balance.

Late fees are $14 if the balance is $49.99 and below, $29 if the balance is between $50.00 and $299.99, and $35 for balances of $300.00 and above.

The Bottom Line:

The best part of this card is the discounts received when shopping at JC Penny.


  • Good discounts for frequent shoppers at JCPenney
  • Accepted at Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacies


  • Very high APR
  • Very high default rate
  • No benefit for people that don’t shop at JCPenney
  • Relatively low grace period


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