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Harley-Davidson Visa Check Card Review

By Dan Rafter / February 8, 2011

Verdict: There aren’t too many debit cards that give you a chance to win a new motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson Visa Check Card does. If you take out this card, you’ll automatically be entered into a monthly sweepstakes to win a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. And you won’t have to spend any money to win; the number of debits you make with your check card each month has no influence on whether you win a motorcycle or not. You’ll also earn a Harley-Davidson cash certificate as soon as you activate your check card.

Overview: This card, despite its affiliation with the motorcycle giant, works like a standard debit card. Whenever you make a purchase with it, the money to complete the transaction will be deducted from your checking account with U.S. Bank, the financial institution that issues this card.

How This Card Works: You won’t have to worry about entering yourself in the monthly motorcycle drawing: U.S. Bank enters cardholders automatically. You’ll also receive your cash certificate without having to do anything but open a new checking account with U.S. Bank and ordering your Harley-Davidson Visa Check Card to go with it.

Travel and Shopping Benefits: By holding this card, every month you’ll be entered into a monthly sweepstakes in which you’ll have the chance to win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You’ll also be entered automatically into a yearly sweepstakes in which you can win $500 in Harley Chrome Cash, which you can spend at any Harley-Davidson store across the country. After opening your new account, you’ll receive a $10 Harley Chrome Cash certificate.

Fees: This debt card comes with no annual fee. You will, though, have to pay ATM fees if you use this card to withdraw money from an ATM not operated by U.S. Bank. These fees vary according to the ATM that you use, but usually run anywhere from $1 to $4.


  • Chance to win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle every month
  • Chance to win $500 in Harley-Davidson cash every year
  • $10 Harley-Davidson cash certificate when you open your account


  • These are sweepstakes; there is no guarantee that you’ll ever win a free motorcycle
  • You’ll be assessed ATM fees if you use your card to take out money from a non-U.S. Bank ATM

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