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CITGO Plus Credit Card

By Kevin / April 6, 2009
CITGO Plus Credit Card


This is a standard gasoline credit card with no rewards and a high APR. There’s no benefit to applying for the CITGO Plus credit card.


The CITGO credit card is good at all CITGO locations for gasoline, supplies, car washes, and repairs. There’s no annual fee but the APR is a high 18.24%.

How This Card Works:

The CITGO Plus credit card is good only at CITGO locations and can also be used at ATMs to make cash advances.

For the first 90 days you can earn up to $50 with a 15% rebate on purchases made at CITGO.

This card can be used to pay at the pump and comes with online account management.

You can also sign up for the optional PaymentAid program which protects you in case of unexpected job or income loss, paying your minimum due.

Travel and Shopping Benefits:

There are virtually no travel or shopping benefits. Except, of course, at CITGO gas stations.

With the CITGO Plus credit card, you can earn up to $50 with a 15% rebate on purchases for 90 days at CITGO.


The APR is 18.24% for the CITGO Plus credit card, with a default rate of 27.24%. The APR applies to both purchases and cash advances.

The fee for cash advances is also 5%, with a minimum charge of $5.

Late fees are $15 for balances between $51 and $151, and $29 for balances over $151.

The grace period is 25 days and there is no annual fee.

The Bottom Line


  • Up to $50 rebate during the first 90 days.
  • Low late fees.


  • Can only be used at CITGO.
  • High APR.
  • No benefits or rewards.

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