Best Buy Credit Card Review - Important Before You Apply!

Best Buy Credit Card Review

By Kevin / December 10, 2010
Best Buy Credit Card Review

The Best Buy Credit Card and Reward Zone MasterCard are run of the mill store credit cards, with ridiculously high interest rates, once the promotional rates expire.

There is a MUCH better option!

For earning rewards and financing purchases from Best Buy we highly recommend the Discover it Card which allows you to earn up to 5% cash back on all purchases at Best Buy (on top of any points you will earn with a free RewardZone account).

Here’s how… If you have a Discover it Card you have access to ShopDiscover, Discover’s online shopping mall that has hundreds of retailers including Best Buy.

You can receive 5% cash back on ANY purchase you make online at Best Buy through ShopDiscover. The best part is you can then pick up your purchases minutes later with in-store pick up.

If you are looking to finance a large purchase such as a TV we highly recommend using the Discover it Card over the official Best Buy card because it offers 0% interest for 14 months on purchases and has a much lower interest rate.

The Best Buy Store Credit Card, however, is laced with hidden fees and a ridiculously high interest rate of up to 29.99% which is retroactively applied to purchases if you don’t pay them off within the 0% intro promo period!

Best Buy Credit Card Overview

This is a store credit card offered by Best Buy.

There are two cards, the Best Buy credit card and the Best Buy Reward Zone Mastercard. The Best Buy credit card has two plans, depending on your credit history. “Plan A” is the better card, with lower rates and fees. The Reward Zone Mastercard has the lowest APR but a very high annual fee, over the limit fees, and high late fees.

How This Card Works

Best Buy cardholders receive no interest for 90 days on all purchases, as well as no interest for 6 months on all in-store purchases of $299 and more. You also get low monthly payments for 48 months on in-store purchases over $299. There is an easy to use online account management system at

If you fail to make two consecutive minimum monthly payments and are thirty days past due, you will be terminated from promotional credit plans and you will be subject to the default rate.

Cardholders receive many promotional low montly payment and 0% APR for qualifying purchases of a certain amount. For in-store purchases of $299 or more, cardholders receive 6 months 0% interest. Low monthly payments for four years applies to the same purchases.

Cardholders also receive no interest for three months on all purchases.


The following applies to “Plan A”: Standard variable APR is 20.99% with a default variable rate of 25.99%. The grace period is 23 days. There are no annual fees. The minimum finance charge is $2.00. There is no transaction fee for purchases. For balances of $100 or less, the late fee is $10.00. For balances between $100.01 and $500.00, the late fee is $29. The late fee is $39 for all balances over $500.00. There is no over the limit fee.

The following applies to “Plan B”: The APR is a variable 24.34% with a default rate of 29.99%. The grace period is 20 days. There is no annual fee. The late fee for balances of $250.00 or less is $35. If the balance is over $250.00, the late fee is $39. There is no over the limit fee. Which plan you get is based on your credit history.

If you qualify for the Best Buy Reward Zone Mastercard you get an APR of 18.99%. The grace period is 23 days. The annual fee for this card ranges from $39 to $79. The late fee on balances below $500 is $29 and for balances over, $39. The over the limit fee is $39.

The Bottom Line


  • Best Buy credit card has no annual fees
  • Best Buy credit card offers plenty of no interest promotions
  • Low montly payments


  • Reward Zone Mastercard has very high annual fees, over the limit fees, and late fees.
  • Can only be used at Best Buy and


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