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Ann Taylor Credit Card Review

By Kevin / March 8, 2010

ann taylor credit cardVerdict: The Ann Taylor Credit Card has an extremely high interest rate, low spending limit, and lacks any additional real benefits other than having an average rewards program. The Chase Freedom card is a much better choice when it comes to saving on apparel. The Chase Freedom card offers up to 5% cash back on apparel stores (like Ann Taylor) and other rotating categories like gas and travel.

How this card works: The Ann Taylor Credit Card is a store card that can be used at any Ann Taylor location. This card is targeted at those who are frequent shoppers at Ann Taylor. Even if you are an Ann Taylor fanatic, chances are you shop elsewhere as well and with this card you will be missing out earning rewards on any purchases at other stores. This is more of a problem with store credit cards in general, but a problem none the less.

It’s worth noting that Ann Taylor does offer a MasterCard version of it’s card that can technically be used at other stores, however the rewards program remains the same, meaning you only earn rewards on purchases made at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT.

Fees: This card has no annual fee.

Rewards: This card allows you to earn 5 Style Rewards Points for every dollar you spend at Ann Taylor Stores or online at Ann Taylor. For every $400 you spend (or 2000 style rewards points you earn) you will receive a $20.00 Style Rewards gift certificate which you can use for Ann Taylor purchases. This means you effectively save 5% on purchases you make with your card, assuming you earn enough points tor receive a certificate.

When you first sign up for the card you also get 15% off any purchases you make on the first day with your First Day Discount.


  • Earn 5 Style Rewards Points for every dollar you spend.
  • No Annual Fee.


  • Extremely High Interest Rate.
  • Can Only Be Used at Ann Taylor.
  • Other than the rewards program, this card lacks any real benefits.


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