What Is The Credit Score for Chase Slate?

what is the credit score that i need to get approved for chase slate card?

Q: After reading reviews of Chase’s Slate card, I know I want to apply for this card. What is the minimum score required to be approved?

A: For Chase Slate (read our review here), you need a good or excellent credit score, meaning around 680 and above. Now, as you may know, credit score is not the only thing that banks look at when deciding on whether to issue a credit card. Other factors may allow you to get approved with a slightly lower score, or may cause you to be denied even if you have a score above 680.

Another thing that Chase will look at is your income. This is a big factor, especially when calculating your credit limit. An income of $100K+ may allow you to qualify for Slate even with a credit score only in the mid 600s. Your interest rate will still be higher than someone with a credit score of 740, though.

Besides income and credit score, Chase requires that applicants have no history of bankruptcy or severely delinquent accounts on their credit report (these disappear after 7 to 10 years), plus they must not have applied for a Chase card in the past 6 months and been denied.

Things like several recent credit card inquiries (which means you applied for credit) on your credit report may also cause you to be denied. Keep in mind that Chase cannot see inquiries that occurred in the past 30 days, so feel free to shop around for the best rate. Just don’t open multiple cards around the same time, or your credit score and chances of qualifying will suffer.

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