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What Credit Cards Have a $10,000+ Limit?

Q: I know that most cards have moderate credit card limits, but which ones have high limits, like the $10,000+ cards that celebrities use?

A: There have always been rumors of “black” cards or those cards which are only issued to celebrities, financial moguls and others who have extremely high incomes and have credit limits of $10,000 or more, but the fact is any credit card, or combination of credit cards that are available to “ordinary” people can have a high limit. That’s because credit limits are usually based on credit and payment histories rather than income.

There are, however, some specific cards which have high credit limits. Four are listed below, and there may be others.

The Freedom VISA card from Chase Financial Corporation is another card that has a high credit limit. This card offers benefits in the form of a cash back program, 0% introductory APR rates for balance transfers made within 12 months and purchase transactions made within 6 months of card approval, no annual fee, and others.

The Capital One Platinum Prestige Credit Card is also listed as a high-limit credit card. This card offers 0% APR through December, 2011 as one of its additional benefits.

The fourth high-limit card is the Discover More card. This one, too, offers other benefits besides the high credit limit.

Again, there are other high credit limit cards. Information on those can be found by visiting specific card websites or contacting the cards’ Customer Services departments.

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